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CHRONICLE - on DVD 5/15/12

What Are You Capable of? 
Featuring an Extended Cut Loaded with Must-See Deleted Scenes,
The Intense Sci-Fi Thriller Flies On To Blu-ray and DVD May 15

 Are you looking for a great Sci-Fi thriller, that is different? And will keep you on the edge of you seat? Well I would like to recomed the movie Chronicle, here is the synopsis of the movie: 

Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny telekinetic powers beyond their understanding.  As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control as their darker sides begin to take over.  What starts out as fun and games quickly becomes dangerous and they must face the inevitable question of whether they can handle the responsibility that comes with their remarkable powers. 
Utilizing hand-held filmmaking techniques to create a realistic and exciting viewing experience, the CHRONICLE Blu-ray boast a director’s cut of the film and unseen footage that offer a deeper glimpse into the events that took place with the students.  Special features include deleted scene, camera test, pre-viz materials and more.  The film will be available as a Blu-ray combo pack with DVD and digital copy for an average retail price of $39.99 and the DVD is $29.98 

 Our Take:

This looked like an interesting movie, just from seeing the trailer I knew this would be a unique movie that I would love. Have you ever wanted a “super Power” something that made you special and powerful? Well we all have seen at least one superhero movie in our life time, but this is a different type of superhero movie. Well more different than any I have ever seen before and I have seen a ton of “hero” movies.

My husband and I watched Chronicle the other night. This was a movie we wanted to see in the theaters, but we just could not get a sitter that night. Oh well. But now that it is on dvd, I was excited to finally see it. We were both fans of this movie. The young actors fit their roles well. They are unknown to me, but I am sure they will be big stars one day.

The one fear I had, was the found footage, I was afraid that it would be jumpy and make me sea sick… other movies that were made like this, the constant shaking of the camera made me sick. But fortunately the footage was not jumpy and it was easy to watch.  

Now my question to myself is, would I touch it, would I want the super powers.. hmm seems like a lot of pressure on a person, I don’t know if I would do it, maybe? It would be great to have a “gift” but there is always a dark side of the power as this movie shows you as well.

I don’t want to give too much away, but if you like Sci-fi action movies this would be a great movie for you. I really liked it, in fact I plan on watching it again on the laptop while I am flying to Disney World in the next week.  I want to see it again, just to make sure I did not miss anything, and I really liked it.

Make sure to check out this great clip of the movie:

Buy it:

This movie is available in a store near you, this is also available on Amazon.

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