Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hidden Valley Ranch for everthing, the new Ketchup!

Did you know that 70% of kids that were tested by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics were found to be bitter sensitive? And eating the veggies with a dip kids ate 80% more vegetables thanks kids who were served plain veggies?

We were able to take a sensitive test, that consisted of these test strips, if you put the test strip on your tongue. Well my family was very bitter sensitive. My daughter was especially sensitive. This may cause her to not like bitter foods like broccoli and cucumber. And letting her dip her veggies will help her eat more veggies! What a wonderful thing! Hidden Valley is delicious and helps kids eat more veggies, that is great!

Would it help my Husband eat his veggies too? Hmm? My husband loathes carrots he really despises them like Newman hates broccoli my husband refers to carrots as a “icky!” (Is he 3 years old?... umm no) Well when my daughter and I were sampling all the salad dressing/dips we received from Hidden Valley he wanted to try and all we had were carrots for dipping. He held his nose and to my surprise tried a carrot! I was stunned and I was also waiting for the rant that would come after the first bite. Again to my surprise he didn’t rant he actually reached for another carrot! I could see this ranch being the new ketchup for sure!

I was blown away and started laughing the only way for him to eat carrots was to dip them in Hidden Valley! My daughter on the other hand loved carrots and will eat them plain or with dip and one of the items we received were little packages of dip that she can bring along for lunch, she’s not a picky eater per se but she’s just not that into lunch at school and we struggle to find things she wants and when I told her she’d be taking carrots and dip for lunch she was excited and her lunchbox came home empty.

The Salsa Ranch dip we received says on the package that it’s “The New Ketchup” and well it’s going to give ketchup a pretty good run for its money. We went a little outside of the box for ranch (well outside fo us) we put the salsa ranch on burgers. I loved the taste, it worked so well, it was thick and stayed on the burger and it was a hit with my daughter as well, she loved it. After trying this on our burgers, we’ve been putting that on everything from fries to tortilla chips. If you have a kid small or large who won’t eat a particular food give it to them with a bottle of anything from Hidden Valley and watch how quickly that hatred turns into love.

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You can buy this new tasty wonder at your local supermarket.

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