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Nani’s Creations, a way to make your Disney trip more magical!

 Are you looking for an extra special gift for that special someone? Well I would love to recommend Nani's Creations. You can make your own custom basket, or buy a pre-made one. Here is a little more information about Nani's Creations from the website:

We offer differents forms to buy and different kinds of gifts, just look all the options and create your memory. 
  1. Choose your Disney Gift Baskets or Custom your Gift Basket.
  2. We offer additional options like Chocolates, Candies or Balloons that can be included in your Custom Gift Baskets.
  3. Select Delivery Date if you desired. (We offer hand delivery to all Walt Disney World Resorts and most Orlando and Kissimmee, Fl surrounding areas for only $4.75 per order.  We also ship within the Continental United States and all items are shipped in the next 24 hours after orders are received. Our best offer: FREE delivery/shipping in orders over $150)
  4. Create a Card Message and Choose the Occasion for the Gift.  We include a Free Enclosure Card with all Orders. Every card is printed in a delicate paper and is added to the Disney Gift Basket.  
  5. Buy all the items that you like without basket, box or bag if you are no looking for a Gift Baskets.
We just returned home from our quick little get away for Star Wars weekends, we had a great trip overall but the beginning wasn’t so hot. I had thought something had to be up when we got to Philly International and walked right up to a Southwest kiosk to check in and then we proceeded to security and were shown the family line and waltzed right through and we were able to get lunch at Chickie’s and Pete’s who are notorious for slow service and were done in there in less than 20 minutes. Things were going too well. 

We got word half way into the flight that the weather in Orlando wasn’t too hot well it was hot but not that kind of hot! A horrible rain storm was forcing us to change course a bit and it took us an addition 50 minutes to land. Once we landed we made our way to Magical Express and proceeded to wait 40 odd minutes to finally have them get us a van to bring us to the Port Orleans French Quarters. These series of bad events caused us to be late so late that we couldn’t make it to Downtown Disney and thus screwing up our first night. 

It was late, we were hungry and oh so grumpy and my daughter was a little trooper but she was getting cranky. Her crankiness soon went away. We checked in and while I was adding days to our old tickets my husband was finishing the check in process and at the end of the process my daughter was told by the Cast Member that they had something for her. She was instantly wide awake and as chipper as she could be.

The Cast Member came from the office with a basket loaded with so many goodies that it was too heavy for her to hold so her daddy had to carry it to the room for her and he kept spotting things in the basket and it was driving her nuts she wanted to tear into the basket and see what she had gotten. The basket was a product of Nani’s Creations and it was loaded. First I have to say the basket itself was really nice, this is something that you will pack to bring home and find another use for it it’s that good. And on top of that the bow was pretty and managed to make it home with us as well. 

The basket was loaded with: a stuffed Aurora (she had lunch at Le’Cellier earlier,) Tinker Bell “mouse” ears, a Disney princess frame, a Mickey bath towel, Minnie’s bake shop cookies and Goofy’s candy company sour candies. There was a lot to soak in and my daughter went from sleepy to wide awake in  split second and had that look like it was Christmas morning when she was going through all her goodies.
I can’t begin to put into words how thrilled I was with the basket, I saw the joy in my daughter’s face and that made my less than great night into a great night. And when my husband saw the box of cookies it was all he needed to forget about the long trip down. If you’re looking for a welcome to Disney gift or your child is celebrating a birthday or you’re celebrating some other occasion at the World go over to Nani’s Creations, they have a basket for everyone men, women, boys and girls everyone is represented and these baskets are first class in every single way. You will not be disappointed and you will make someone’s day truly magical.  Baskets start at $20 and up, so anyone can afford a special gift while visiting a special place.

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Please enter the code 10DISC for a 10% discount on your purchase this discount is valid until Dec 31 2012

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