Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A nightmare for parents… Lice!

Oh my goodness it finally happened. Oh the dreaded four letter word L-I-C-E oh yes icky lice. My daughter had lice, this was something I was dreading ever since my daughter was born…. Would this happen to us? Why oh why? Those icky (hey that is what they are) critters were disgusting and very hard to get rid of. Well how did this all start? My daughter started bring home notices from school that there were “outbreaks” of lice and to be careful and to check for the lice. Ok… We can do that. Days went by and there was nothing , so we stopped looking. This was a bad bad move on our part. Days later my daughter came home complaining that her head itched, and itched. 

Well it could not be lice, we check her and we saw nothing.. So we thought she was just complaining, but the itch would not go away. So we got out a magnifying glass, and searched very well and took our time. Well ugk.. yes the lice were there we were panicked! But I knew what we had to do we had to get a kit, and get moving on the removal right away.  We had to wash almost everything and spray down what we could not wash. It was a nightlong event, something that we do not want to do again. Then we had to work on my daughters hair… oh my goodness that is so gross (I know that sounds childish.. but.. come on it was gross!) but we did everything step by step, and combed and combed.. we wanted to make sure we got them all the first time. And thank goodness, we did.

Now we do everything we can  to prevent another infestation.  I just wanted to let you know about my bad experience so go and check your kids heads and if they are itchy, make sure you really check. And if the lice are there, make sure to treat it quickly, to help contain and stop the spread. Make sure to tell the school, so other kids can check as well.

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