Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ticket to Ride and Zooloretto games fun games for the family!

Our daughter is addicted to Minecraft, it’s a rather bad addiction we refer to it as electronic crack. We’ve taken steps to slowly get her off of her addiction by limiting her playing time and incorporating a family game night. She loves Minecraft but she loves when we all gather around the kitchen table to play a game of any type and the games we’ve been playing recently have been Zooloretto and Ticket to Ride.

Zooloretto is a very cool game, you have to plan out your own zoo by using animals from small to large and some are rather exotic. You need to attract people into your zoo but you have to really pay attention to the layout of your zoo by making sure you leave space to expand and show off your animals because if you run out of room you will lose points and well who wants to lose points?

And with the expansion packs that have been released we have new enclosures to use and the option to add petting zoos and restaurants! What a well thought out game, we thought it might possibly be a little over our daughters head because she’s only 7 and this game calls for 8+ but she got it without any problems.

Our other game has been Ticket to Ride; again a well thought out game that within minutes we were playing without any issues.  To simply put it you need to get your train from point A to point B while making your route long to accumulate points. But if you’re a little slow in the claiming of land your opponents can swoop in and put a crimp into your plans for domination of the board.

We really had a fun time playing these games the past couple of weeks and we’ve noticed that the crack like addiction our daughter once had is still there to a point but it’s not nearly as bad as it once was and we’re really having a great time doing something as a family that isn’t watching TV or going off into other parts of the house to do our own thing, we’re doing something together and having fun.

If you are looking for something to do with the family that is different, and will keep you entertained I would recommend  Ticket to Ride and Zooloretto, your family will have a great time playing them we sure did.

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