Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disney World Star Wars Weekends 2012 part 1

Our little jaunt to Disney World for Star Wars Weekend was filled with some great times, some odd times and some frustrating times. But all in all we had a great time and I managed to come home without a terrible head cold even though the kid sitting across from me on Magical Express was hacking up a lung I managed to avoid his germs! Since it was a trip for me mostly I told my wife I'd write up the blog about our trip and here we go.........

It started out great my wife was off that Wednesday, I'd be leaving work early and my daughter would be getting out of school at 2 so things were looking great. Got to the airport in record time, zipped though security, had lunch at Chickie & Pete's without having to wait forever for food like usual. We were happy and feeling good that our trip was starting off so well. We boarded the plane got our seats which leads me to something I'd love Southwest to do group up single fliers! I'm tired of seeing one person here and one person there leaving families of 3 to have to go all the way in the back for seats together. Everything seemed good, until we got closer to Florida and were informed that an awful storm would force us to go around it adding an hour to our flight. Great! Last year we had to fly around hurricane Irene and this year we have to fly around another storm! Ugh. We finally land and our flight was well over 3 hours instead of the 2 sometimes under 2 hour flight, whatever we're here and let the good times start! We hustle to Magical Express get in line and wait and wait and wait and wait.... All the other lines around us had buses come for them a few lines went twice! It was now almost an hour that we were waiting and I started to get inpatient and I started to voice my displeasure audibly and I guess it worked because within minutes a small van pulled up and took the first 8 people in line, thankfully we were numbers 6-7-8! Now we could check in and get to Downtown Disney for a late dinner, the only problem was DTD closed at 11 and it was pushing 10 as we approached the Port Orleans French Quarter so our plans to eat at the Earl of Sandwich were dashed. Nuts! 

So a late dinner at the Sassgoula Floatworks is what we went with not as good as the sandwich's at the Earl but when you're hungry anything is better than nothing. After dinner we went back to the room our room was great on the second level of building 4, we like building 4 we were close to the food court and buses and not that far from the pool, it's the best building in our opinion. Once in the room my wife called the front desk to ask about when our luggage will arrive, she was told 4 hours after checking in and with us land an hour later and Magical Express being slow we didn't check in until after 10! That meant our bags wouldn't be delivered until roughly 2 am. That didn't fly with me, I walked down to the front desk and asked in a nice way to get my bags thankfully the people at the front desk were helpful and within 10 minutes we had our bags. If you have my bags why would it take 4 hours to deliver them? Just say they're here and if you want them come and get them! Whatever...we went to sleep because we're going to EPCOT in a few hours.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't been to Disney since 1995...would do anything to be able to bring my kids. Someday :)

April C.

Kelly N. said...

I want to go there baby!!

Melanie P. said...

I would so love to make it to Disney World someday. We have Disneyland here but Disney World and Epcot look so awesome!

PoniLinda said...

I seriously don't get why some parents bring sick kids to crowded places? It's not good for the kid and other peopl can get sick too

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