Thursday, June 28, 2012

GoToob, great travel tubes!

We are travelers, we just love to travel, but packing can be a hassle… is this the right size can I carry this on? Well GoToob has made packing easier, with their handy tubes, here is a little information about GoToob from the website:

We love to travel, and I love to pack light. So I make sure we have small travel sized toiletries.  I like to use my own shampoo and lotion not the ones the hotel privede (sometimes not all hotels do this..) This can get expensive, so I tried using one of the travel sets that are sold in stores.  Have you ever bought one of those travel sets you can find in drugstores, with the little bottles for shampoo and lotion etc? Have you ever tried to use those bottles, they are impossible, sure they do the job. But when you want to use your shampoo etc. you cannot squeeze the bottle.  Now how am I supposed to get my shampoo out of that, tap tap tap…. Wait…. Nothing. I do not use those anymore. Too frustrating. But there is a better way! I was very fortunate to be able to review a variety of sized GoToobs. GoToobs, a great squishable tubes that are perfect for travel. Yes squishable! Yes! I can get my lotion, or shampoo out! It is the little things in life that make me so happy.

The medium tube (which my husband claimed as his already…) had a suction cup to suction to the tile in the bathroom to easily squeeze out your shampoo, conditioner, body wash.. just about whatever you need for your shower.  The Large is perfect for my shampoo.  The small size is great for my daughters sun tan lotion… I carry it around in my purse and I do not like to be without it, and the little GoToobe is great for my purse at 1.25 oz it is great for the airline too.  I will surely be picking up some more tubes soon. I can see them taking over all of my toiletries soon… They are just so simple to use, and easy to pack.

There are various sizes available including:

Small - 1.25 fl. oz. (37ml)
Medium - 2.0 fl. oz. (55ml)
Large - 3.0 fl. oz. (88ml)
Dry weight:
Small - 1.08oz. (30.8g)
Medium - 1.48oz. (42.2g)
Large - 2.06oz. (58.6g)

GoToobs have a lifetime warranty too, this is a quality product that is a must for travelers. Humangear was  awarded the coveted "Buzz Award" at the leading travel products trade show in the United States. So you know these products are great, if you are looking for award winning travel items make sure to check out Humangear, and pick up some GoToobs for your next trip.  I would recommend them, they are easy to fill, and use. I will be using them on my next trip that is for sure. I am a big fan!

Buy it:
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