Friday, June 1, 2012

Isabella’s Cookies a great gift for dad!

Is you father a sweet lover? Well I have a great suggestion for you, cookies! Are all cookies the same? If you answer yes you’ve never had Isabella’s Cookies! Do you want a good, creative, flavorful, outrageously good cookie? Isabella’s scratches you right where you itch. We had the pleasure of having 3 bags of cookies to try and I picked flavors I knew my husband would love, I felt a little bad in a way for him we just got back from WDW where he managed to pack on 5 pounds and he came home to see these amazing cookies and well willpower lost. “I’ll just ride my bike 20 minutes more” he said as he tore into the first bag of cookies.
The first flavor we tried was the Apple Fritter cookie. How they managed to make a cookie taste like a fritter is beyond me, this cookie has soft apple pieces in it! Apples in a cookie? That’s crazily delicious! The cookie also had all the other components of a fritter in it oatmeal, white chocolate and cinnamon. We wanted to pair them up with vanilla ice cream but the bag emptied before we could get to the store. They were that good.

Next on the hit parade was Peanut Butter Bomb. This cookie was probably the best peanut butter cookie we’ve ever had, it had all the peanut butter flavor you could want but wasn’t painfully dry and hard to swallow. This cookie was stuffed with peanut butter chips and candy and my daughter who isn’t the biggest peanut butter fan even went crazy for them.
The last cookie and the consensus winner but by a close count was the Blooming Blossom Sugar Rush it’s a limited batch cookie it’s only available from April 12th to May 30th. I’d love to convince them to make this a full time cookie because we went crazy for this cookie! How could you not love a sugar cookie with icing and sugar sprinkles on it?! But the best part of it all was that the cookie while flavorful wasn’t sickeningly sweet, it could have easily been so sweet that it hurts your teeth to eat but it wasn’t. And the icing remained soft; I was amazed to bite into an icing covered cookie and not have to worry about losing a tooth.
These are just a sample of the many flavors Isabella has to offer and knowing how good these delicious cookies were I would imagine that the other flavors are just as good if not better! I’d have a hard time imagining that any cookie could beat the Blooming Blossom, I’d love to eat them all to find out but I like waist line wouldn’t!

So if you are still looking for a great gift for dad make sure to pick up some cookies from Isabella’s Cookies. Dad, and everyone in the house will love them. I know my husband is a big fan, and so was his dad. Dad approved in our household A+++.

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