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LARK Sleep System- Review and Giveaway!

Are you an early riser, do you have to get up earlier than your partner? Well why wake them up with your alarm when you can use the LARK Sleep System. Here is a little more information about the LARK Sleep System from the website:

LARK - the first silent and natural feeling wake-up that gently rouses you from sleep (without disturbing the person laying next to you). LARK's wristband is equipped with a cutting edge sleep sensor that measures and analyzes your sleep patterns.

Developed with sleep experts and a pro-athlete sleep coach, who trains athletes to peak performance, LARK PRO uses your sleep patterns to create a personalized training program for better sleep, so you can optimize the other two thirds of your day. LARK PRO is an official product of the National Sleep Foundation

LARK works with its free LARK Up app. Download the free app today and begin to discover how you sleep and what helps you perform better when you're awake. Wake your potential. Not your partner.

My Review:

I wake up early to go to work, almost 2 hours earlier than my husband, and one of the things I hate is when the alarm goes off (I know we all hate it) what I mean is that it’s not fair that my husband has his sleep disturbed because we have different schedules. We figure he loses about 6 hours of sleep a week due to this and that’s almost a full night’s sleep he’s losing.
Thanks to LARK he’s been able to regain some sanity and sleep because of the fact that the LARK is a un-alarm clock. The LARK uses your iPhone, Pod and Pad to help gently wake you. How it works is (once you download the app) you put the wristband on to sleep with and the wristband is super comfy and not at all a bother to wear, the band connects with your phone via Bluetooth and in conjunction with the app will gently wake you up instead of the buzz of the alarm or the radio.
The app will monitor your sleep and let you know how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you slept, how many times you woke up and give you 1 to 10 on the quality of your sleep. This has really opened my eyes on my sleeping patterns and how many times I wake up at night. You might not realize how many times you wake up on a given night and that can affect your sleep because you’re not sleeping well enough.

I’m learning so much and I’m not disturbing my husband all at the same time so the LARK is a win-win all around. The LARK comes with a dock that will let you charge both your wristband and iPhone and just in case you forget to charge your phone or other device your LARK will still work and will gently wake you up when you need to wake up. The LARK has changed our sleep for the better, if you’re like us and have different schedules get a LARK and sleep in peace.       

If you have a different sleep schedule, and would like to wake up without disturbing your partner LARK is a great thing, I would recommended this sleep system. My husband has been enjoying his extra sleep, since my alarm has not been waking him up lately. The LARK system will also be great for travel, when we go to Disney world, I like to set the alarm to wake me up early (I like to enjoy the early morning, pick up breakfast etc) and the alarm usually disturbs the whole family I try to shut it off right away but they still complain...) so this will be great, I can't wait to use this on our next vacation in October.

 LARK is the official “sleep tech” product for Apple and is available in Apple stores globally; the product is also available in more than 100 Best Buy stores (and BestBuy.com) throughout North America.

The generous folks at LARK are giving one of Susan’s Disney Family readers a chance to win a LARK sleep system (ARV $99.00 value). Would you like to win? Well just check out the Lark site, take a look around then come back here and tell me something you learned from the site. There are other ways to enter as well, please enter below.

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One winner will win a  LARK sleep system (ARV $99.00 value).

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Ann Fantom said...

I learned that the LARK vibration technology was designed with top sleep experts for a wake up that feels like you woke up yourself naturally. LARK’s gentle vibration can reduce heart rate variability, stress levels and blood pressure spikes-all of which are known to cause the groggy feeling in the morning.

GFC id: abfantom fantom

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Crystal said...

I have your link on my blogroll at http://blog.lovemanythings.net

CrystalW07 at aol.com

Trish said...

People who have trouble sleeping, waking, have sleep disorders or are often tired during the day.

SB said...

I learned that LARK PRO is an Official Product of the National Sleep Foundation

Katie R. said...

I learned that LARK uses a technology called Actigraphy, which was developed with sleep researchers to monitor sleep patterns and provides data on sleep and wake states.

bbrittbrat1398 said...

gfc brittney house

Unknown said...

LARK is ideal for those who wants a better night’s rest

samf36 said...

Designed with sleep experts to monitor your sleep
and to coach you to a more satisfying night’s rest.

Allison said...

I learned that it will monitor how long it takes you to fall asleep- this is amazing!!

arudig at comcast dot net

imaclutz89 said...

It Wakes you silently and gently without waking your partner!


Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster said...

I learned that Lark is perfect for people like myself who want a gentle, safe and healthy sleep with am alarm system that won't disturb our spouse/partner's sleep with an intrusive alarm.

For those seeking a more educational and analytical system that provides feedback, tracking and coaching they also they also offer the Lark Pro.

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

cman said...

LARK is ideal for those who wants a better night’s rest, people with trouble sleeping, the hard of hearing and couples or roommates with different wake up schedules.

STF said...

I learned that the LARK’s gentle vibration can reduce heart rate variability, stress levels and blood pressure spikes.

sheilatf52 at yahoo dot com

brich2222 said...

learned they are located in mountain view CA

brich22 at earthlink dot net

Kathy P said...

Get Assessed through the 7-Day
All you have to do is sleep with LARK and, at the end of your 7th night, the LARK Personal Sleep Coach will send you a personalized sleep report based on your unique sleep habits

Cee said...

I had no idea how long caffeine stayed in one's system. I'll definitely be limiting my caffeine consumption to sleep better at night!
ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

Trisha McKee said...

It not only monitors your sleep, it then coaches you on how to get a more restful sleep!


Jessica said...

I learned that is was designed with sleep experts!

jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I learned that it will monitor how long it takes you to fall asleep and lark's gentle vibration can reduce heart rate variability stress levels and blood pressure spikes.

Barbarawr said...

I learned that after 7 days, the LARK Personal Sleep Coach will send you a personalized sleep report based on your unique sleep habits! How cool is that!

Unknown said...

I learned that LARK is designed to wake even the deepest sleepers with dynamic vibration technology.


daveshir2005 said...

It will wake you up without waking your partner.

email/ daveshir2005@yahoo.com
fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

daveshir2005 said...

blogged about giveaway

grabbed button

added u to my blogroll

email/ daveshir2005@yahoo.com
fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

/\Heather/\ said...

FastCompany included the Lark on their Top 10 Most Innovative Consumer Electronics Company in the World. Pretty awesome!

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