Friday, June 8, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted movie - Review. Out in theaters today June 8th

Opening today is the animated children’s comedy Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted starring a familiar cast of character’s…..well you’ll recognize their voices! Ben Stiller is Alex the Lion, Chris Rock is Marty the Zebra, David Schwimmer is Melman the Giraffe and Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria the Hippo. Madagascar 3 starts where number 2 left off with our familiar gang stuck in Africa waiting for the Penguins (the best characters in the movie in my opinion) to come back for them and to take them home to New York. The Penguins had no intention of returning to Africa to pick up their friends they were having too much time living the good life as high rollers in Monte Carlo.

Our heroes decided to do something about this and decided to track down the Penguins and give them the what for, they make their way from Africa to Monte Carlo and that’s when the hilarity ensues. I’m not going to spoil the plot or the movie but I will tell you that our heroes go through a lot of funny predicaments on their way back home and you’ll be there every step of the way from the circus to the running from Captain of the Monte Carlo animal control Chantel DuBois who has been longing for the head of a lion to complete her collection on top of more comedic gold. I think this is the best of all 3 movies.

The Madagascar franchise is a franchise rich in character depth and wonderful voice talents. Mort the little lemur voiced by Andy Richter has and will always be my daughter’s favorite character, he’s so cute and innocent she has always had a soft spot for that “little fella.” With Mort is King Julian voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen and he is extremely funny as the “King” he’s so oblivious to everything around him because he’s the king and that’s it. 

We loved this movie it’s a kids movie but it’s not a total kids movie this is something that parents will find themselves laughing at as much is not more than their kids. It didn’t have any bogging points in it either the movie was well paced and just flat out funny. Take the whole family and enjoy!


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