Friday, June 1, 2012

Organize It, a great place for all of your organization needs.

Are you doing some spring cleaning? Trying to organize the house a bit? Well I have a great site that has all of your organization needs, Organize-It, here is a little more information about the company from the website,

At Organize it,, find home organization products, home organization ideas and home organization solutions. In our Organize It store, you will be able to see and touch many home organizing ideas, home organizations solutions, and home organization products.

If it is home storage & organization you are thinking about, or a more specific organization solution or home organization products, such as a closet or closet organizer system, Organize It is your Organization Store. Both our e-commerce Organize It Online and our Brick and Mortar Organize It Store and Organize It Sacramento store carry home storage solutions including kitchen organizers and kitchen organization, bathroom organizers and bathroom organization, bedroom organizers and bathroom organization, storage containers and hooks, craft organizers and craft organization, garage organizers and garage organization, kid organizers and kid organization, laundry organizers and laundry organization, office organization and office organizers, outdoor organizers, pet organization and pet organizers, shoe organization, shoe storage solutions and shoe organizers, travel organizers and travel organization.

If you are just starting with your home organizer ideas or home organization ideas, or are a professional organizer who specializes in home organizing, browse through our organization store for ideas to give you an organized life or an organized world. Visiting our organize store and on line organization store and getting ideas for organized living is a way to have an organized world.

What do you need to organize? They have so many great organizing items here are a few of my favorites: 

Adjustable Back Pack Rack

Travel Mini Bottle Set

Double Hinge-It Towel Bars

I had the chance to try a great 2 Tier Bamboo Shelf

 Organize up to eight pairs of shoes on this shoe rack that is made from natural bamboo. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly resource, durable, and moisture resistant. Provide yourself with a beautiful and natural look while organizing your shoes inside the home. All shelves are slightly slanted to clearly display each shoe. The fence in front of each shelf, holds each shoe from falling off.
Measurements: 27.5" W X 10.25" D X 15.75" H

My Review:

This one is funny most people think of women as the shoe hogs….well not in my house. My husband is a clothes hound and that goes all the way down to his feet! I’m amazed at the sheer number of flip flops he owns, when the weather turns warm my husband turns into a beach bum, well he looks like one at least. The sleeves magically disappear from his shirts and he wears flip flops practically every day and the really funny thing is he really doesn’t like the beach! His collection of flip flops has taken over our bedroom and they have gotten out of control. It’s funny to see him wearing blue flip flops with white a white moose on one foot (he only wears Abercrombrie and Fitch flip flops) and a blue moose on the other not realizing he’s mismatched. How many pairs of blue flip flops does one need anyway?
Thankfully, Organize It ( ) has given me-- well us a solution to the flip flop epidemic with a really nice 2 tier bamboo shelf. The shelf was easy to put together and it looks great in our bedroom and I was able to reclaim parts of the floor and spots under the bed for some of my things. When you live in a row home space is really important and you need to be creative sometimes to make things fit and with this wonderful shelving unit we were able to solve a problem and make more space in the process by eliminating the clutter we had all over the floor. The shelves are slightly slanted to be able to see the shoes and there is a small lip on the front of the shelf to keep the shoes from sliding off. We were able to stack the flip flops on top of one another and were able to fit 16 pairs on both shelves. You read that right 16 pairs! 

The only downside to the Organize It shelving unit is that it’s given my husband reason to go out and buy more shoes!
Organize It has much more in the way of storage than shelving for shoes that have every room in your house covered from the bedroom to the kitchen. Their products are top notch so buy with confidence and know that what you’re getting is made well and looks good. And like I said we have a smallish house so organizing a massive pile of things is something I know how to do and with the help of Organize It I’ll be able to reclaim space in my house and look good while doing it.    

Buy it:

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