Thursday, June 21, 2012

Xpad 4 Laptop - Review

A few years ago I decided that we would no longer buy desktop computers and would become a laptop only family. I was tired of the space and wires that came with having a desktop and what I failed to realize was that gaming on laptops is a totally different animal. With games that are graphic intensive they tend to make your graphics card work and with that work come’s heat and when laptops go above a certain temperature the built in fan kicks in and tries to cool off the laptop and if it doesn’t work your laptop will shut down to protect itself from any major damage. I never had this issue with a desktop and I wasn’t sure what to do, I had just started playing Star Wars the Old Republic and could play for about 5 minutes before the computer would shut down. It was a bummer and I needed a solution.
XPAD -- Protecting the world one lap at a time
Cool your laptop without fans -- 100% Green!
Protect your lap and your laptop from overheating
Non-slip interface to grip your laptop for a solid integral feel

After reading a few things on line I grabbed a small desktop fan and used that, it bought me more time but the inevitable shutdown would always happen. I needed a better way to keep my laptop cool so I could enjoy my game and that I discovered the best option was the Xpad Slim  it keeps my laptop cool while barley taking up space and I don’t need to plug it into a USB port to make it work! This thin little gem worked like a charm, I went from 15-20 minutes of game time before shutdown to continuous play. My internal core temp went from hovering near 90 and the dreaded shut down to staying as a cool 65 degrees.
If you don’t have a desk or table for your laptop it usually ends up in your….well lap!

I mean after all it is a laptop! But if you’ve ever had one on your lap for longer than 10 minutes you know just how hot these things can get, my laptop would bet scalding hot because most laptop fans are located at the bottom and if you’re using your lap as a desk the fan gets blocked and can’t help regulate the temperature of the computer. The Xpad Slim helps keep the laptop elevated and does it with minimal equipment, some laptop cooling pads I’ve seen are huge and require that you plug it into a USB port. On a traditional desktop pc you have in the neighborhood of 6 to 8 USB ports on a laptop you’re lucky to have 3 and they always seem to be occupied by things you need. Not having to plug it in makes the Xpad Slim the best choice in my opinion on keeping your laptop cool, protect your lap and your laptop with an Xpad Slim.

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