Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shopping options in the 21st Century

Some say the 21st century shopping experience has taken a turn for the
worse. Over the past couple of decades, is it not so that shopping precincts
and high streets across the land have become dominated by corporate
retailers and those familiar huge brands that have become ubiquitous on
the Aussie retail landscape? Many bemoan the fact that malls are no longer
places of quirky, independent stores. With such uniformity, don’t we all end up
owning the same stuff?

Let’s look at Sydney, for example. A trip to Pitt Street Mall on a Saturday
afternoon can be a pretty frustrating experience – crowds, high prices and
lack of choice (and often, rain) can serve to disrupt the serenity of what a
shopping trip should be. Such shops are the generally all the same with no
diversity available for the imaginative consumer.

Of course, Sydney can boast more specialized shopping options in Newtown,
Glebe, Rozelle or even as far as Bondi or Manly, but these too are becoming
increasingly dominated by those major stores. It’s no surprise that shop profits
are dropping, with Christmas increasingly the key time when these retailers
can make up for poor performance throughout the rest of the year.

With such increasingly limited range in malls, it follows that online retailers
are just going to go from strength to strength, as they have done in the past
10 or so years. Who among us hasn’t ‘bought Christmas’ over the internet
in one fell swoop in as little time as an hour? It’s true that sometimes the
fun of browsing and the social elements of shopping are negated when you
sit peacefully in your armchair, laptop on your knees, but the convenience,
quality and value for money from shopping in this way is undoubted.

Indeed, now we come to our main point: the fact that with so many interesting
retailers now offering their wares online, the diversity and independence that
was once part of the thrill of shopping has returned. Costs and hassle are low,
while quality remains high.

Everyone knows about Ebay, Amazon and all those big retailers, and
everyone knows about the fascinating little online sellers who specialize in,
say, certain styles of t-shirt, jewelry, trinkets and other items. But where do
we go if we need those all-important household items? Sometimes finding the
right place to grab the simple essentials can be a minefield online. What if you
need a light bulk or a frying pan before you want that t-shirt with the amusing
slogan on it?

Well, it seems that many savvy online business have realized that this is one
area where the consumer perhaps doesn’t have easy options. Some intriguing
new faces have emerged on this market, including Australia’s own
Only Online Direct Deals, where all manner of deals direct from the warehouse
can be had. From TVs to exercise equipment to, yes, things like jewelry and
teapots, innovative sites like Only Online have changed the game when it
comes to purchasing deals direct from the retailer.

So, with sites such as this a viable option, maybe that stressful trip to Ikea or
Fantastic Furniture is not so necessary after all.

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