Friday, August 3, 2012

AboutOne, a great way to organize your life!

The fast, easy way to organize your busy life.

There is one thing that I’ve never been very good at…organizing! I need to learn how to get organized. I’m a mess when it comes to paper work and lists and anything that is important, I have stacks of papers for everything and it’s quite confusing and messy when I have to search through piles of paper work.

As I sift through the papers I keep telling myself I need a better system! Just so you know when we fill out our Christmas cards and I write out the envelopes I still use the list we used to send out our wedding invitations and I’ve been married for almost 9 years now! I keep thinking if I lose this paper or it gets ruined I’m stuck, there has to be something better than having a fire hazard amount of paper work and no real smooth way of going through it all.

There is now thanks to AboutOne In less than 5 minutes I was up and running and was putting in all the inportant (I know it’s spelled wrong I was in a rush several years ago when I was going away with my husband and meant to write important papers on a post it, it came out inportant and since I’m a bit superstitious I’ve never gotten rid of or changed that post it) information and slowly de-cluttering my life and my counter top. 

My husband jokes that he doesn’t want to be on Hoarders in 20 years because of my paper work collection, he’s been helping me get things organized and was amazed at how easy setup of AboutOne is and that even the not so computer savvy will have no issues getting all of their “inportant” information backed up.

The one thing that I really love is the fact I can scan in my daughter’s Picasso like masterpieces and back put them on AboutOne to keep them safe and sound. I can’t keep all of her art work, I’d love to but with the small forest of trees worth of paper we already have we simple don’t have the room. Art work is just one of the many uber useful features of AboutOne, medical histories, contact lists, school records, birthday/any other reminders of important dates etc.

This site is a personal assistant available anytime of the day, a wonderful family organizer . Worried about security of your precious information? No need to fret the security on AboutOne’s site is as secure as any online bank you might use, no need to worry your information is safe with them. If you have a lot of papers like myself do what I did and use AboutOne and de-clutter your life forever with a great online organizer.


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