Friday, August 17, 2012

Disney World Star Wars Weekends 2012 part 5 (Hollywood Studios!)

I picked a primo spot on the steps of the American Idol Experience and waited for my wife to return with some snacks. As we were waiting I was wondering why the steps weren't filling up? It was close to noon and the steps were empty! I asked a CM and was informed that they shortened the parade route and it only went down Hollywood Blvd., and would end at the stage. Really? Whose bright idea was that? We found out too late to get a good spot and decided to ride Star Tours again. After the ride we did the Build a Droid that was fun and from what I heard the later weekends the wait was near 90 minutes to build them. We only waited about 10 and my daughter and I each built our own droid that came complete with letters to name the droid and it's own cardback and bubble. 

We decided to see the Muppet's before lunch and got lucky the preshow was over when we got there and walked right into the theater without having to wait. Muppet's is still fun a little dated and the effects don't work as well as they once did but I still enjoy Stadler and Waldorf. We went to Mama Melrose for lunch and it was packed in the waiting room, and people kept coming in asking for table's just to be turned away because they were booked. I'm amazed that people can plan a trip to WDW and not do proper research, there is no reason to not know that net is loaded with site's that will help you and Google is your friend people when all else fails GOOGLE IT! We're part of the population that doesn't mind Mama Melrose, is it the best?

 No but it's not slop either and it's inside and air conditioned and by this point I spent close to 9 hours in the Studio's I just wanted to sit and eat in peace. I had the charred strip steak my wife went with the potato gnocchi and our daughter had spaghetti. My steak was good cooked perfectly and very tasty, the gnocchi was ok it left my wife wishing she went with something else but it wasn't totally inedible and the spaghetti was a hit. The kid's dessert of the spaghetti and meatball cupcake was really cool, it looked like spaghetti and meatballs and was a big hit and actually tasted good. Most cupcake's at WDW are iffy but this one was really good. 

After lunch we wanted to meet some more character's we got in line for Darth Maul and were shocked to see the wait wasn't all that long. He scared the life out of the kids in front of us a red and black man with horns can do that without saying anything! So I decided to have a little fun to diffuse his scariness and make my daughter feel comfortable, Maul pointed at the kids and pointed to a spot to stand in the matter of if you don't I have a double bladed lightsaber that may convince you to do it kind of point. When it was our turn I pointed at him and pointed to the spot to stand and well Sith don't like being told what to do but he gave me the once over and did it and he struck quite the pose as I stood there laughing.

 My wife told me she could feel our daughter's heart racing when we were getting our pictures taken, she was a trooper. So after Maul we decided to have a little more fun the Tusken's were out roaming and I said to my daughter watch this...... I ran up to the Tusken got behind him and yelled BOO! He ran off in fear but quickly returned with a friend because as we learned in Episode 4 that Tusken's scare easily but will soon return in greater numbers. I loved that the Tusken knew so much to play along like that it really made me laugh and every time he spotted me afterwards he shook his gaffi stick in anger at me. 

Next character to meet was my favorite Boba Fett, best character EVER. We get in line and as we're getting closer we find out he's only going to be out for a few minutes more and that Jango would be replacing him. Nuts! Well no worries we'll let people get in front of us so we can be close for when Boba comes back out. Great idea until we find out that Atillah the Hun was working the line and wouldn't let people swap spots because people would get confused. At this point I was hot, tired and in the park for 12 hours I'm amazed I didn't lay into her as harshly as I normally would have. I don't normally get angry at CMs they do a thankless job mostly and the normally do it with a great disposition but "Mandy" was more gestapo like than Disney like.

 Her condescending tone to park guest's was uncalled for and her lack of thinking outside of the box was nonexistent. The character meet and greet's especially for something like SWW needs to be different. Let me decide who I want to meet, you have the Fab 4 dressed in SW gear and rotate every 10 to 15 minutes have lines set up for each character with the people knowing they may be waiting for an hour or so, leave that decision up to me! I like Jango, I do, without him there would be no Boba or clone's but I have Boba permanently inked on my arm and a license plate on my care with his name on it. I have a Boba Fettish, I admit it and I wanted my picture with him and not his dad. But since we were there we took our pic with Jango and got back in line for Boba, but instead of standing together we split up just in case we needed to be further back in line. 

Thankfully we were able to get Boba the next go around and he had a little fun stalking my wife and I stepped in between them and said he looked a little like Buzz Lightyear (I was wearing a t-shirt that was a Toy Story/Star Wars mash up it was Buzz with Boba's armor on it's a cool shirt) he backed off and we snapped our pic making my day. Now we were off to Toy Story to use our special FP!

At TSMM we went into the FP and the line was moving quick we were surprised at how short it seemed. But some lines even short one's are too long for some people. I heard a man complain the line was long and that his family should follow him, they proceeded to climb over the railing and wanted to cut. He picked the wrong day to do that, after now being there for 14 hours I wasn't about to let someone cut the line and I stuck my arm out and said "Yo buddy you can't do that!" He got into my face and asked me if I had a FP, I said yes and this is the line you belong in and you're not cutting in front of me and everyone else! He took offense to something I said and said I didn't have to say it like that! Like what?

 I don't know, he was an idiot. He called me a name and in turn told him that he didn't even say the derogatory name right! The British accent hurt him on that one. But he tucked his tail and he and his family all climbed back over the railing where he belonged. I'm normally a pretty easy guy but line cutting is awful in WDW and I'm not going to let anyone do it when I'm there, enough is enough. With that our day at the Studio's was finished and I could finally head back to our room for some much needed rest. Tomorrow is the Magic Kingdom and I want to be rested!

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Kelly N. said...

Looking for the jedi knight hangouts...this looks cool

Kelly N. said...

looking for the jedi knight hang outs..this looks cool

Kelly N. said...

I bet the star wars fans cant wait to get there!

Anonymous said...

Going to take my daughter this coming October, can't wait! Arthur Caudill

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