Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maintaining after Nutrisystem, food measurer and cook book review. #NSNation

Well it has been a few weeks off of the Nutrisystem diet. How have I been doing? Pretty well. I feel and look better than I have in years. Even though I am no longer on the program, this does not mean I can ever go back to the bad eating I did in the past. I was very fortunate to be able to have lost all of those pounds and inches, I want to be able to maintain my new figure.

I was very fortunate to be able to review a great meal measure and a great Nutrisystem cookbook
You can make some great recipes that the whole family will love from Shrimp with pineapple rice to Carrot Raisin salad and even delicious desserts like Frozen Berry yogurt. The book is also filled with great tips and advice for cooking.  I will be using this book for years I am sure of it. 

I have always heard you need to eat your protein that is no bigger than a deck of cards… What? I get the idea, but how do I do this, get a deck of cards next to my chicken breast to compare the sizes? There has to be a better way?  The Nutrisystem portion control tool makes it easy to serve perfect portions right on your plate. All you have to do is use the designated portion cavities to measure your starches, fruit, vegetables, and proteins according to your Nutrisystem meal plan, or if you are on your own maintaining you can use this to make sure you do not over eat. . This tool is easy to use, and can be used over and over. My hubby has recently been watching his weight, and he has been able to use the tool to make sure he does not over eat.

The Nutrisystem cook book is chock full of nutritious recipes, and I love the portion control tool, and the cookbook. When you are maintain, you need a little help, and Nutrisystem is there to help these great maintaining tools are essential to continuing to succeed for me.  I recommend the Portion control tool, and the wonderful cookbook to help maintain your weight loss.

I am happy that I have been maintaining, I am not saying it is easy but life is different now. I no longer just sit around and eat chips and watch television. Well it has been hard at times. I know what I have to eat, but I got so used to having my meals planned and ready to go, there is a little bit of adjusting I have to do to go back to “real food” (Nutrisystem is real food, I mean making my own food, not food that is set up for me) making my own food is not as easy as it seems. I am no chef, and my life is very hectic. But the cookbook I was sent has some easy recipes, that only require a few steps, and even with my busy life I have time to cook for myself, to make my life healthier and happier.

  Are you looking for a new body this summer? Why not give Nutrisystem a shot this summer? You will shrink and will need new summer clothes that is a great thing! I love having to buy new clothes, and being able to buy smaller sizes, I have found that there are more color selections and style selections. Nutrisystem is offering some great deals, including 50% off... Yes you read that right 50% off~~~ Wow!~ Why not try it out now while you can save? What do you have to lose, but weight?

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