Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Friend Bernard, I Heart Shakey and Rockstars on DVD from Phase 4 Films

It is still August, I know everyone is going wild trying to prepare for school, but summer is not over yet! I have some great movies that are coming out this month from Phase 4 Films to share with you all.

My Friend Bernard

SYNOPSIS: Sam is a shy boy who is afraid of almost everything, from those strange shadows in his room at night to the small dog in his neighborhood. Everything just seems too scary for him! However, one day Sam meets Bernard, a Polar Bear who isn’t afraid of anything. Bernard takes Sam on an epic adventure and helps him lose his fear of flying, snowboarding, which allows him to face the biggest monster with humor!
70 minute run time, currently awaiting a rating
Special Features:

  • Downloadable Activity Kit
  • Trailer
  • Stills Gallery
Availability: Redbox Locations, Target, Walmart, and


SYNOPSIS:  releasing in August 2012, features the voice of Glee’s Jane Lynch and is nominated for the Robert Award for Best children/Family Film of 2012. In the film, viewers learn that it’s not easy being a lowly earthworm. Gloria and Barry live at the bottom of the food chain. But one day an old disco record turns Barry’s life upside down as he decides to make the world’s greatest disco band. Gloria joins in on the fun and rises to stardom as a singing sensation! They have no arms and no rhythm, but earthworms can boogie too.
78 minute run time, Rated PG
Special DVD features:

  • Trailer
  • Slideshow
Availability: Redbox Locations, Target, Walmart, and

I Heart Shakey  8/28

Single father J.T. and his precocious daughter Chandler move from a small town to Chicago with their lovable family mutt Shakey. After missing the fine print in their rental contract, J.T. is forced to find Shakey a new home. Chandler hatches a plan to keep Shakey and teach J.T. a valuable lesson about loyalty and the importance of keeping family together.

Availability: Redbox Locations, Target, Walmart, and
102 minutes running time, Rated PG

Childs Play Communications sent the above three movies for my family to enjoy, well we are going to have quite a few family movie nights that is for sure. So we started watching the movies right away.

My Friend Bernard

My daughter wanted to see My Friend Bernard, first, well I agreed with her, the movie looked cute, so we popped some popcorn and we watched the snow adventure of a little boy named Sam. Sam reminded me a bit of my daughter, who can be painfully shy and is now afraid of everything (try to get her to go on rides, and things she would do when she was 2 no, she is too scared) so of course my daughter could relate with Sam.  I loved the cute friendships that were formed in the movie, and my daughter just loved the story. She liked it so much, she asked to watch it again. So this was a big hit.

I Heart Shakey  - Well I am a big fan of Steve Guttenberg, just always have been ever since those Police Academy days I just think he is a good actor. With I heart Shakey, this movie was cute, and I loved the dog in the movie and the little boy was such a good actor I am sure he has a nice career ahead of him. So will they be able to keep the dog, or will he have to go? Well I am not going to soil it, you will have to watch the movie yourself.

Rock Stars  - this was a cute movie. I loved the cute little earth worms, and when they did the village people thing I lost it, that was so very funny! Rock Stars was my favorite of the films.  I can see why this was nominated for the Robert Award for Best children/Family Film of 2012. And I love Jane Lynch, her voice lends itself to a cool cartoon character.

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Overall  my family loved each of the silly and funny and heartwarming films. So if you are searching for some family friendly films make sure to check out these three films they are coming out this month so make sure to keep an eye out for them.
 Make sure to check out the trailer to my daughters favorite, My Friend Bernard you will love it!

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