Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thinking about education options for your child

During their senior year of high school, American students come face to face with a wide range of post-
graduation education options. Some will choose to enroll in a trade school or a community college.
For those who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, however, a four year school such as a
state university or a quality private college may be a better choice. Such institutions do an excellent
job keeping their programs current with developments such as the recent rise of graphic design or rapid
changes in computer technology.

The importance of a college education

Students leaving high school often lack a good understanding of American wage patterns. Some will
attend a trade school because it will help them land a job with an attractive salary. All too often, however,
that salary will only increase substantially for a few years before flat lining. Attending college means
putting off earning a full-time wage for a few years, but afterwards, the jobs that become available will
usually pay much more than the salary being earned by trade school graduates.
More importantly, college-educated workers can expect to see significant salary increases throughout
their careers. According to experts, a college graduate can expect to make hundreds of thousands of
extra dollars during his or her lifetime.

How to choose the right college

Selecting a college is a highly individual decision that depends on a large number of factors. First and
foremost, students should look for a school possessing expertise in their area of career interest. Such
a school will have established a number of industry partnerships so that students can begin to form
networking relationships with individuals already working in the field. Ideally, instructors will have not
only impressive academic qualifications, but also real-world experience pursuing a career in their field of
study. This type of learning environment will prepare students to seamlessly transition between school
and work when the time comes, and may even assist them to work part-time in their chosen field during
the latter part of their course of study.

Other important considerations are more mundane. The right college will be affordable when all grants,
loans, and scholarship aid is taken into account. It will also provide a student with a social environment
that is a good personality fit. Some students need the companionship and emotional support that comes
from dorm life, while others do better as loners.

The best and most popular options for promising careers

According to the Atlantic, some of the most promising career fields for the next ten years include medicine
and the online economy. The first of these will need many workers because of demographics; most of
the Baby Boom generation is now in retirement, a time when medical needs tend to increase at a rapid
pace. The online economy will be able to support those with technology skills such as programming
and computer engineering to be sure, but the rise of graphic design means that even those with a keen
interest in the arts will be able to craft good-paying careers working in online marketing.

Fortunately, the diversity of the American higher education system means that there is a college to meet
nearly any interest a student may have.

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