Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disney World Star Wars weekend Carbon Freeze Me Experience (Part 5)

From Star Tours we went to the Carbon Freeze Me Experience where I was "frozen" in carbonite this was fun and a little slow. So sloe in fact we were going to have issues making our FP deadline on Toy Story I didn't want  to mess is up for all of us so I sent my wife and daughter to ride without me, my wife had the idea to wait until the last minute before getting on the ride to give me a chance to get there the CMs heard us talking about our dilemma and were quick to come up with a solution after my wife and daughter left a manager came over and gave me a handwritten FP for the 3 of us to get back on Toy Story since she felt bad that we might not get to ride together! 

That was a totally nice solution and made me feel good knowing I would get to ride with them, it's those little magical moments you get like that--that make me keep wanting to go back. They were all so helpful and nice and sped up the process when it was my turn to be frozen so I still had a chance to use my current FP.

 My head was scanned with 3 different expressions and I got to choose which one I liked the most I chose the one where I was scowling because it made the most sense and was the best picture. Now I know why the line wasn't moving the CM who was doing the scanning needed to type your information into the computer and he was the SLOWEST typer EVER! I wanted to shoo him out of the way and just say I type for a living move over! He finished I paid got my bracelet and was off to Toy Story. The experience was slow and it was expensive 100+ dollars for an 8 inch statue but it was a fun experience that any fan of Star Wars would love. 

Running over to TSMM I made it, I was a little late but the FP has a grace period printed on the bottom of it you get 15 extra minutes, it's in small type and you can easily miss it but the CM pointed it out to my wife and because of that I had time to spare. Toy Story is a great ride/game it's just so much fun even though you get a workout of epic proportions! You're sore when you get off of this ride. Once we were done TS we went to get our spot for the parade.

So how did it turn out?  Well here it is... it is great, looks just like me!

Sadly you can only do the Carbon Freeze me during Star Wars weekends (they are select weekends in May and June) perhaps one day they may make it a permanent part of the studios? But with the $100+ price tag, I do not know how popular this will be?

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Unknown said...

The Carbon Freeze looks really cool but the price is a little high. I still would like to do it.

Morgan Lepley-Edger said...

This is SO COOL! We're going to Disney soon, and my husband would LOVE this!

Unknown said...

I am totally in love with this ideal but the price tag would keep me away

Kellie Conklin said...

This caught my eye because the family I went to Disney with loves Star Wars but I agree that the price is a bit high for what you get. I think it would be an awesome souvenir to have and maybe they will lower the price at some point :) Glad they helped you out with the fast pass, I know I've been running like crazy to make fast pass times as well!

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