Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting ready for the release of The Avengers! Are you as excited as we are? #MarvelAvengersWMT #CBias #SocialFabric

One of the things we do as a family is to take a weekly trip to Walmart for odds and ends that we need this week had a little bit of a different mission we needed to not only get our provisions but we needed to get assorted goodies for our pre-release party for The Avengers. 

My husband is looking forward to the release of this movie so much so that our family movie night was consumed with watching Marvel super heroes Captain America and Iron Man because he wanted to get in the mood for the Avengers. The Avengers has quickly risen up his ranks of all-time favorite movies, he went multiple times to see it in the theater I went one time with him and I too agree that this is one of the better Super Hero movies ever made. We’re all really excited about being able to get the Blu-Ray/DVD  so we can watch it at home on our next movie night.
While we were shopping at Walmart we noticed a lot of Avengers merchandise scattered throughout the store, at the deli are where we picked up our Avengers inspired pizza we couldn’t help but notice the movies and toys had crept into the deli area! I’ll talk a half pound of salami and toss in the Incredible Hulk would ya?

 Before we left our house we downloaded the Avengers Augmented Reality App so we would really see what it could do, my husband and daughter were playing the game constantly and were looking forward to being able to see what the app could really do once we were able to get to the store.  

 We’re wanderers when we shop, we walk through the entire store and we noticed in several different sections of Walmart they had the Avengers posters hanging up, these posters work in conjunction with the Augmented Reality App and you got a nice little surprise once you scanned the poster with the app.

We were making our way past men’s clothing and my husband spotted a Captain America t-shirt that he had to have, his appreciation of Captain America grew more after seeing the Avengers and he needed a shirt to let the world know his appreciation of Cap. Avengers merchandise was everywhere! Toys, costumes, food, decorations, movies and clothing were in all sections of the store, Walmart is doing their job with getting everyone ready for the 25th when the movie finally comes out. 
My daughter was sitting on the couch reading the graphic novel and my husband stopped her and made sure her hands were clean and that she knew not to bend the pages or crack the spine of the book, the boxes of comic books he’s amassed over his lifetime let her know that he knows how to handle books and she took extra care with reading the book. 

It’s crazy, just a few years ago she couldn’t read and now she’s sitting down and reading a graphic novel, she still needs help with some words but she’s doing a great job. 

Our little movie night was really taking shape we had our MarketSide Pizza (meat trio for those of you keeping score at home) for our main course and we bought a whole bunch of assorted goodies like Orero’s, and tortilla chips, and Cheez-its and for dessert I made a cake and sprinkled it with red, white and blue sprinkles in honor of Captain America. We had a great night watching Cap and Iron man and munching on some great snacks, all in all it’s just nice getting to spend time together and having a good time.   

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brich2222 said...

Shhhhh, don't tell the kids. LOL! They will want to see it!

Faith and Family Reviews said...

What a great party!

Unknown said...

Certainly sounds like a fun night for everyone! How nice that your family can share the Avengers fever together! Thanks for sharing your family fun :)

Jane said...

We had a bday/ avengers party last night for my hubby, we
All had a great time! Movie was just as great as the first time

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