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WWE Smackdown a fun family event! #WWE #WWEMoms @WWEmoms

This was an outing I knew my husband and my daughter would love would love. We had the chance to see the WWE Smack Down taping's in Philly on Tuesday night and we had a blast! And well some of those blasts were loud! I knew they had pyro and whatnot but when you actually see and feel them WOW! My husband has been a wrestling fan since as far back as he can remember, his first recollections of watching wrestling were when he was 4 when Ivan Putski and Tito Santana were the WWF tag team champions, so he's not just a causal fan. I'm constantly being told stories and  I knew I'd be in for a history lesson while sitting in the stands, and I was right. 

We had great seats, we were just to the right of the main camera or as my husband told me the hard camera that's the camera the wrestlers look into and pose or dance. From when my husband started out as a fan until now the crowd has certainly changed, this is now a more family oriented form of entertainment and not nearly as adult as it used to be. I like it this was, my husband isn't as happy as I am with it but it's something he can share his passion for with our daughter now since it's more appropriate for her. 

And taking a quick look around the Wells Fargo Center we noticed that there were kids of all ages and they were all decked out in their WWE swag mostly John Cena, while the bulk of the adult men (my husband included) were sporting CM Punk shirts. And they were commiserating with each other about how the "Attitude Era" was so much fun. Even though it wasn't what it used to be it was something we could all share together and have a good time with.

I won't give you a match by match synopsis I'll just hit on some of the highlights of the night. We started out with the taping's for the newest show that WWE produces called Saturday Morning Slam, then they taped a few matches for Superstars and then we finally got to the main taping's for Smackdown. The show opened with an appearance by WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and I thought the roof was going to blow off of the building, the Wells Fargo Center erupted and my husband was right there with them cheering for Edge like an over grown kid it was funny to see him get caught up in the moment. Edge went onto introduce a video of Kane and Daniel Bryan (complete with YES! and NO! chants) and all the issues they're going through it was really funny when they were going to hug it out. 

Damien Sandow interrupted Team Friendship and Edge's hugfest and long story short was ordered to wrestle a match against Kane. Kane was in control of the match until Bryan climbed onto the apron with the belts and distracted Kane allowing Sandow to steal the win from Kane. The backstage bit with Dr. Shelby was funny too, Kane wanted to rip off Goatface er Bryan's beard and Dr. Shelby convinced him not to and that he would talk to Booker T about having Bryan wrestle later in the show. It made me laugh and I was looking around and it seemed that this is a hit with the vast majority of the fans.

We had a squash Diva's match between Layla and Natalya that to our daughters dismay lasted maybe a minute, she likes the Diva's and their sparkly outfits. After that match Lilian Garcia announced that the next match was the Main Event featuring Sheamus and Randy Orton against Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. The pop Randy Orton received was almost as loud as Edge's to say he's over is an understatement! 

Truth be told that whole sentence came from my husband, I know some lingo but not all! My husband likes to joke around and just randomly pose like Randy Orton and I always thought he was nuts, he's not alone in his love of the Orton pose, RKO stood on the middle rope and hit his pose and half the arena was doing it with him. My husband was truly in his element. From the loudest pop to the loudest boo's of the night came when Vicki Guerrero started screeching "EXCUSE ME!" I thought it was bad on's way worse in person! Good grief she's awful to listen to no wonder people boo her at just the mention of her name. All in all this was a quick paced match with a lot of good action with Sheamus and Orton getting the better of Del Rio (who arrived via Lamborghini) and Ziggler by hitting both of them with their respective finishers. 

This is just a small sampling of the over 3 hours of entertainment we had the pleasure of watching, I know wrestling isn't for all but the WWE really has made strides in the past couple of years to become more family oriented and we had a blast at the show and I wouldn't hesitate to go when Smackdown or RAW come back to Philly. 

Even though he complains about that way it used to be and it was better 10 years ago my husband really enjoyed himself and outside of the pyro scarring the life out of our daughter she had a great time and wanted to go again so see could see John Cena and my husbands eye's promptly rolled. We'd go back it was a great night out as a family and that's what we enjoy the most doing things as a family unit.

Make sure to check out the WWE site to see when they are coming to your town next.

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