Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Candy Galaxy a great place for your sweet tooth!

Are you looking for candy for a party? Well I know of a great place that sells a wonderful selection of bulk candy. I would like to introduce you all to Candy Galaxy. Here is a little more information about Candy Galaxy from the website:

Candy Galaxy is your one stop candy shop! A massive online candy store with a dizzying amounts of candy. If you stacked all the candy we have on our shelves it would reach the moon......maybe.

Candy Galaxy is an online candy store that is passionate about bringing you the candy that you love. We have an expansive candy selection all the way from Milky Ways to Mars. Our candy team is dedicated to sugary goodness and bringing smiles to our customers faces.

We specialize in candy for bulk occasions, corporate gifts, event planning, parties, holidays, baby showers, and weddings. Our 45,000 square foot candy warehouse is stocked high with fun, affordable, and quality sweet treats.

There are so many great candy on the site, here are a few of my favorites: 

My Review:

Gummy bears…..who doesn’t love a little gummy bear?! I do and I was fortunate enough to receive a whole bunch of Green Apple Gummy Bears from Candy Galaxy. There isn’t much better eating than a little green apple gummy bear. 

And Jelly Belly's are they not the best jelly beans ever? I was able to try some more green candy from the Candy Galaxy. We just love apple, so we had some more sour apple Jelly Belly’s and some Kiwi flavored beans as well.

Candy Galaxy is where you go when you need bulk candy, if you are shopping for candy by color. Are you planning a party? Would you like to have all of the candy in the honorees favorite color? Would you like the party to have a color for a Halloween, party, perhaps back and orange, or if you are a hockey fan having black and orange candy for a Flyers party would be great. I just love the green candy, that would be great for a Saint Patrick’s Day party.

Whatever you’re looking for they’ll have it and in batches big enough to feed an army! We receive a pound of green apple gummy bears, but if you need just red gummy bears they have them or if you or your kid will only eat blue raspberry bears they have them too! All their candy is sectioned off by color; you read that right by color! If you’re looking for yellow candy there is a section devoted to all the yellow candy they have it’s freakin’ sweet (pun intended!).

Gummy bears, Swedish Fish, Jelly Belly, Laffy Taffy etc. There isn’t a candy you can’t find here and if you need that specific flavor—for instance my husband loves the red Swedish fish I can get him from 1 pound to 20 pounds of them! All the red fish he can eat and I’ve seen him polish off over a pound of them in an hour’s time so I might have to bump him up to the 20 pound case to keep him happy! Whatever your candy need Candy Galaxy is your source.  

Buy it:

If you would like to purchase any of the candy on this post and more please visit Candy Galaxy

For more information make sure to like Candy Galaxy on Facebook

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