Thursday, October 25, 2012

Disney World Not so Scary Halloween Party

My husband and I too an alone trip to Disney World a little while ago….  Yes it was just my husband and I my daughter was in school. So while my daughter stayed with her grandparents we went to Disney World. Don’t feel bad for my daughter, she has been to the parks a lot. We wanted to go do some adult activities including Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, the Eat to the Beat concerts. Since we were there we also planned to go to the Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party.

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom a little after 4:00. The tickets say the party starts at 7:00pm but they have always let you in with the Halloween party ticket at 4:00pm… Did you know that?

So after we arrived we enjoyed the regular park, but we got to see some of the decorations for the party (even though you are allowed in early the party fun does not start until the park is cleared out of non-party guests at 7pm) there was a lot to see and we were looking forward to the party.

Around 6:00 the sky’s started getting dark, black clouds were rolling in. We are in Florida, and it rains almost every day, a quick 20 minute storm then it is out of there. This storm looked different, and boy was it. It started pouring and lightning around 6:30. We ran from the rain and figured we would grab a bite to eat at Cosmic Ray’s and get out of the rain. I see that everyone else in the park had the same idea. The place was packed! Every table in the place was spoken for. If you have ever been in Cosmic Rays it is a large counter service restaurant with lots of seats.  We were lucky enough to share a table with some lovely ladies who offed to share their table with us, so we got food and ate and waited, and waited and waited. All while watching the lighting storm. We were in the restaurant for about 1.5 hrs. We paid for the party and we were going to try to enjoy it. The lighting lightened up (but had not stopped) By 7:30  we went out in the park again. We were soaked, what to do? Well we did some trick or treating.

The 8:00 parade was cancelled. Oh well, we will see the 10 pm parade. So we continued to Trick or Treat and go  on rides.  Up next was the Villains mix and mingle show…. Oh no that is cancelled too. Ugh? There was no organization, I asked well what do we do now? Are there any character meet and greets? He said Bulls eye was meeting in Frontier land, and that is all he knew. There has to be more than this we paid $65.00+ for each ticket.. what is going on? I did not just want to sit around for the rain to end, because it did not seem to want to stop.  I knew The Noodle Station was a big open area that is undercover, so we went to check it out.  We lucked out, there was an impromptu villains picture place. Well that was great for us, we got in line.  

There were about 30 people ahead of us.. not too bad. The line got very long, lots of people wanted to meet these rare characters. We waited about 20 minutes, then they came out. I was impressed, we have been rare character hunters for years and we have never seen 90% of the characters that came out. Then the announcement came, “The Villains will only be here for 25 minutes then they will have to go. What? Go? Are they coming back, is this a onetime thing, somebody tell us?  Luckily we made it to take the photos. But they left about 4 minutes after we were done.” Did they come back? I don’t know, but if they did not I am sure the hundreds of people in line were quite upset.  But we got some great rare characters including:

The Evil Queen
Dr. Facilier

And more!

Right after this, we find out that the 10pm parade is also cancelled!


8:00 Parade CANCELLED
10:00 Parade CANCELLED
Villains Mix and Mingle CANCELLED
Trick or Treating – Sporadic
Fireworks: Shortened because of the weather.

Well at this point it was 11:30 and we just gave up, the rain was not going to stop and the events were all cancelled. So we left. Would we do it again, sure but we will not purchase our tickets early.  

When we were leaving there was a huge line at customer service desk, I am sure they were in line to complain, and try to get their money back.  We were just aggravated and wanted to leave….

After the party we checked out our candy, we got a nice haul, so at least that was something.

My advice, buy the tickets to the party the night of the party (Unless you are going on 10/30, or 10/31) it is not worth the risk. Most everything was canceled and we missed out on the party pretty much. If we did not pre-purchase the tickets we would have not gone that night and would have gone the following night (when the weather was great, of course). Sure we saved about $10 by pre purchasing the tickets, but the savings was not worth it. Next time, we buy the tickets that morning.

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blessnel said...

Thank you for the pointers. Glad I read your article before going there!

kath g. said...

Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing, felt bad for you because of the rain. disney is supposed to be number one in customer service, you would think because of all the cancellations, they would be handing out a free coupon for a return visit or something. i'd be so disappointed, they really should have comped you. i've had good success with writing letters after something like that and getting a refund.

April Crisafulli said...

I can't hink of a better place to spend Halloween :)

April C.

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