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Holiday Gift Guide Great toys from Mattel that your little girl would love.

There are things that I looked forward to sharing with my daughter even before I had one, something that my mother shared with me and that I’m following in the tradition of is bringing her up with Barbie. 

Barbie has always been a part of my life whether it was playing with them or collecting them it was a part of me and she will be a part of my daughter. 

With the 50+ years Barbie has been a part of children’s lives she has had many jobs and wore many hats and this trend continues with Barbie’s being cool and innovative with the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

  For the first time, girls can customize Barbie doll's t-shirt with original photos and change the pics to fit any occasion — all with the press of a button! This super-cute doll has a special embedded camera lens, so when girls point and shoot, the image projects onto Barbie doll's shirt, creating the trendiest graphic tee. By using the viewfinder built into the doll's back (and disguised as part of her necklace), girls can make sure they get the best photos possible.
Girls of all ages can personalize their Barbie’s t-shirt with a picture they took with a camera built right into Barbie’s necklace, it is hidden there and looks just like it belongs. This is a cool doll and I wish this technology was around when I was a kid! Since my daughter has had Barbie she’s been snapping all kinds of pictures and Barbie’s shirt has had many funny and odd pictures on her shirt. All you do is press a button on Barbie’s belt and voila the picture appears on her shirt! Barbie can hold over 200 pictures and when connected to a computer via the included USB cable you can customize her shirt even more.

This doll is simply amazing and the customization is almost limitless. It is fun to see where Barbie has come from in the 50’s to where she is now and how modern technology shapes the toys our children play with. There are no limits to what you can do so be inspired and take whatever pictures you want make all sorts of silly shirts. This doll will inspire kids to be creative with photography and fashion and is so much more than just a doll.

Now moving onto a toy I wish I had when I was growing up the Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab 

  Gobs of monsterfying fun! Ghouls can create and customize unique scary-chic creatures, just like the students at Monster High! This play set comes with all the body parts and skin designs necessary to tattoo, build, and dress a freaky-fab monster!

Yet another doll that is more than a doll, this is another toy that will inspire your kids to think and be creative, they will get a chance to be a little Dr. Frankenstein in a way. Monster High is immensely popular and I should know my daughter is crazy over them and when she was given the chance to play with the Lab she was all sorts of happy.  
 You essentially get to build your doll just like Frankenstein built his monster; the only difference is these dolls won’t be chased by angry villagers with torches and pitchforks.  I love the fact that even though she’s playing with a doll my daughter is also getting to expand her creative side a side that we’re getting to see so much more of because of the new school she’s in. I never realized how creative she was now that’s she’s coming out of her creative shell I love to give her things that inspire her and let her do what she’d like to do.
You get a head, arms, legs, body, wig, detailing tool, 100+ tattoos and a ghoulishly delightful outfit for your doll. With all the tattoos no 2 dolls will be alike and that makes it really cool. Kids today get bored quicker than they did when I was growing up (I feel old now) with all the technology around them they’re used to constant stimulation, the Monster High Create-A-Monster will keep your child occupied for a long time and with other add-ons and starter sets you can really amp up the level of creativity. Our little Dr. Frankenstein is having a blast with hers I just hope the villagers don’t come knocking! 

If you are looking for some great gift ideas make sure to check out all of the great toys from Mattel this Holiday season!

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