Friday, November 2, 2012

WaxVac Review

Have you heard of the new product (well new to me that is…) the Waxvac, what is the Waxvac you ask, well it is a little handy device that gently suctions wax, water and debris from the ear. The  WaxVac set  comes with a cleaning brush and 8 color coded silicone tips that are attached prior to use. The color tips are soft and flexible, inorder to protect the eardrum.  The vac is strong but not overly loud.   

On the opposite side of the tip the Waxvac has a handy light that makes inspection of the wax easy.  Removing the end of the Waxvac can help you clean out the dirt and debris that was removed from your ear. I have to admit this is a little gross, well I do not have the strongest stomach around and to see all of the icky wax…  Well I would rather it not be in mine or my daughters ear.

Many people have ear wax problems my daughter especially. So using it on her showed how much volume of wax she had built up, trust me there was a lot! I personally just hate when I get out of the shower or a pool and I have water in my ears, it is just a terrible feeling that really ruins my day.  So having this Waxvac get water out of your ears that is a great thing. My husband is prone to ear infections that usually come about from water that he can hot get out of his ears, and this would help him greatly. 

So I was excited to be able to try a Waxvac. We have been using this for about a week now and I am very impressed. The cleaning really helps with the wax.  And the price is great at only $10.00 a unit that is a wonderful deal. They also sell  ear drops that are recommended for optimal results. Make sure to check out Waxvac.

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You can purchase this handy devise on the Waxvac site

For more information make sure to check out their website

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