Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Net10 Wireless a great affordable phone for families #Net10Latino

I’m amazed at how things move a lot quicker once I became a mom, I remember as a child my mother telling me “you’ll see when you’re a mom.” Well that statement has come to fruition because my daughter is now a member of the tween society and I just can’t believe the past 8 years have gone by like a hiccup. With her getting older and more mature well mature in her mind she wants things to make her feel more grown up and in today’s world that means a cell phone. Now I’m going to sound old but in my day I felt grown up when I got my first set of house keys! 

What do you do when your child wants a phone but you might not trust them with one on a traditional plan? You head to Net10 Wireless  where getting a phone and a plan that’s right for you and your family is easy and painless. With most carriers plans can be confusing especially with data, who wants to count megabits to make sure they don’t go over their allotted amount for the month just to have their bill show up being larger than their mortgage?! 

 Net10 makes this simple they have plans for families of all sizes and you know what’s best about them? They’re all unlimited! No more worrying about sending too many texts or streaming too many songs or videos. Unlimited is unlimited and you’re not breaking the bank to get it. 

 Of course my daughter had to check out the games on the phone.. kids! :)

You might be wondering about the phones you get and their quality. You won’t be getting a Startac or a cell phone in a bag from the 80’s, you’ll be able to get a smartphone without all the commitments and inflated prices. I have a smartphone and my daughter has a smartphone and the sad thing is she knows how to use hers perfectly and I’m still reading the manual for mine! This is a pay as you go plan, you won’t be locked into a contract for any length of time that will costs hundreds of dollars to get out of and if you want to change phones you can without having to wait 2 years to get the better price! How’s Net10’s service? Fantastic! Net10 partnered with the country’s top four carriers to have exceptional network quality, all the service with half the cost. 

  • With Net10 Wireless, everyone in the family can get their own smartphone, plus unlimited everything—all for half of what a contract plan would charge.
  • Net10 Family plans include unlimited data, text, talk, starting at $50 for first line, $40 each additional line.
  • Net10 Wireless offers the latest Android and other phones, with unlimited local and long-distance calling on America’s best networks as well as roaming, text messaging, Internet access, and WiFi connectivity.
I went from a person who had a phone I couldn’t use any of the features on unless I was in a hot spot to a person who can now tweet whenever she wants, surf the web whenever she wants and upload pictures to Facebook whenever she wants. I’m amazed at what I’ve been missing out on. I know cell phone bills can run several hundreds of dollars for a lot of families cut that bill in half and not be tethered to a contract by taking the plunge and using Net10 all the service of the big carriers without the big bills.

Buy it:

2 line family plan: $90 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

3 line family plan: $130 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

4 line family plan: $170 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

Net10 Wireless phones and airtime cards are available at 90,000 locations across the USA,
including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Family Dollar, K-Mart, Radio Shack and CVS stores and
online at You can buy phones, monthly plans or get airtime it is so easy!

Make sure to visit Net10 Wireless to purchase a great phone with a great plan and no contracts!

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