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WWE Raw a fun family event! #WWE #WWEMoms @WWEmoms

A couple months ago we had the pleasure of attending a WWE taping of Smackdown and we had a blast, well the WWE rolled back into Philadelphia this time it was for their live show RAW and we had the pleasure of going again and again they didn't disappoint! The one thing I have to say about attending a WWE event is sensory overload! Music, flashing lights and pyro will have your head on a swivel! 

There is always something going on and we learned a valuable lesson from our prior experience this time we made sure that our daughter had earplugs and that made her experience a lot better. RAW is the WWE's "A" show according to my husband, we would get to see all the major players and we got to see just about all of them and some surprises thrown in that made my husband's great night even greater. 

Much like Smackdown the atmosphere for RAW was very family and kid friendly, there is no need to worry about what you will see or hear because this is a product for everyone. This RAW was a special RAW they would be giving out their Slammy awards we knew we would get some surprises and we got a small one at first when the Boogeyman made an appearance. I wasn't familiar with him so my husband had to fill me in on all the particulars and left out the small detail that he likes stuffing worms in his mouth! The fans "popped" for him (I'm learning all the lingo) and he didn't disappoint them! He smashed a clock into his head and ate the worms and totally creeped many kids and Smackdown GM Booker T who got to utter his catchphrase "tell me I didn't just see that!"

But the highlight of the night was easily the return of Ric Flair, we got a tease when they played his "Whoooo" in the arena and people were all somewhat stunned and confused, the guy sitting in front of us turned to my husband and asked him if he thought he was here and my husband who was checking every wrestling site he knew to try and find out thought it was just a tease and that he couldn't legally be there. But when we came back from commercial the "Nature Boy" was introduced to the crowd and the Wells Fargo Center went banana's! 

The Boogeyman's "pop" was good Flair's pop was epic. It takes a lot to get my old school wrestling fan husband "mark out" (his lingo) but this did it. He was jumping up and down clapping and trying to take pictures all at the same time, it was funny  to see. You could see the effect it had on him, his hands were shaking and you could see what it meant to him to be back where he belongs. He gave a Slammy to John Cena and let me just say that there is no gray area with Cena, you either love him or hate him and it was 50-50 in the arena. Then the next moment of joy for my husband came when "Cult of Personality" came over the PA  and CM Punk with Paul Heyman hit the stage. Punk and Heyman are the be all end all for my husband, he's a Punk fan and a Heyman guy and was sad when they didn't have those shirts for sale.

The back and forth they had with Flair was funny and when Flair eventually got the upper hand on situation and put Paul Heyman in the figure four the place went nuts. The near retirement age Flair still has the fans eating out of his hand that is amazing. Like I said we got to see everyone Punk, Ryback, Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, the Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, team Hell No, AJ, the Miz, team Rhodes Scholars, Rey Mysterio and Vickie Guerrero...I've lived in Philadelphia my entire life and we have a reputation for booing just about everything and in all my time here I've never heard someone get booed the way Vickie got booed. It was so loud that when she spoke we couldn't hear what she was saying it was deafening! Best heel in the company and she's not even a wrestler! And one last surprise was seeing Triple H. Hunter got the second biggest pop of the night and it was odd seeing him without the long hair...but the Wells Fargo Center erupted as soon as we heard Lemmy from Motorhead say "it's time to play the game!" A song I've heard in the car countless times thank you very much.

The overall show was great, I'm not going to go into detail about the matches but those guys and gals are fantastic athletes and put on one heck of a show. The atmosphere was great, and it really is a show for everyone. We saw families, couples and just groups of guys all having a good time. But no one seemed to have as much as a good time as the guy sitting in the row in front of us who really had me cracking up with his spot on imitation of the Great Kali dancing. 

It was priceless! That made my night. If you're looking for something fun to do with the entire family and have a chance to catch a WWE show you won't regret it.  

 Even Santa was there! See?

 Make sure to check out the WWE site to see when they are coming to your town next.

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