Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turkey Hill Experience, a great family day out.

Are you looking for a fun place that it is great to visit with the family? Well I have a great day trip idea of you. If you live in the Philadelphia area why not take a trip up to The Turkey Hill Experience for some great family fun? Here is a little more information about the experience from the website:

The Turkey Hill Experience pays homage to Turkey Hill's history while highlighting its ice cream and iced tea-making processes.  The Turkey Hill Experience is built in an historic silk mill and which was renovated after being empty for more than 25 years.
The new attraction, at Third and Linden streets, showcases nine different interactive exhibit areas allowing visitors to learn more about how the dairy works, how ice cream is made (including a chance to make your own ice cream flavor), and the history of Turkey Hill Dai...See More Learn about the Frey Family and Lancaster County History (mostly featuring Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville). There is an interactive exhibit including maps and videos, plus a dairy exhibit featuring a milk display.

In the section of the Turkey Hill Experience that requires an admission fee, there are many interactive areas. Guests can visit the ice cream area, the tea area, and a third section talking about the Turkey Hill Dairy story. There are no actual ice cream or iced tea production lines at the Turkey Hill Experience. Guests go through each area and participate in interactive activities along the way, such as smelling different tea leaves, milking mechanical cows, coming up with a flavor ideas, and enjoying the relaxation area with some iced tea.

This past Saturday my family and I headed out to Columbia PA to take part in the Turkey Hill Experience . And we had quite the experience! Columbia PA is right outside of Lancaster and for us it was a little over an hour ride from our house in Philadelphia. We had the chance to see how Turkey Hill makes their ice cream and iced teas. This is something near and dear to my husband’s heart he consumes an insane amount of iced tea throughout the week and Turkey Hill is one of his two favorites. 
The Experience is self-guided and informative, you learn about the entire process of how ice cream is made from start to finish and included in this learning experience is also learning how to milk a cow. Milking the cow was something my daughter fell in love with and if she could have she would have stayed there until they closed! We each had a chance to make our own ice cream flavors by picking from several flavors including chocolate covered grasshoppers to ketchup! Peanut butter and caramel were also available for those of us who aren’t so adventurous. 
The iced tea experience leads us from the start of the tea process and how and where the tea is harvested and you get a chance to smell the tea in its natural form and let me tell you tea smells good! From picking to bottling we got to see how my husband’s drink of choice makes it to our supermarket. Informative and fun is the best way to learn, we weren’t bored and we learned a lot. The best part in our opinion was the tasting station. You could sample all the ice cream and iced tea you could handle! I had to pry my husband away from the counter; you give an iced tea drinker a chance to drink all the tea he can? Unlike the horse you lead to water that won’t drink it if you lead my husband to iced tea rest assured it won’t last long! So many flavors of tea and ice cream I don’t know where to begin. From party cake to cookie dough and green tea to sweet tea all bases were covered and all bases were delicious! If you live in the area and are looking from something to do go experience Turkey Hill and if you could tell my husband to come home we miss him….

I created my own personal ice cream flavor called COFFEE STRAWBERRY. It's White Mix ice cream with Coffee and a swirl of Fudge, loaded with Toffee Chips and Strawberries.

So if you are looking for something different to do on the weekend I would highly recommend The Turkey Hill Experience

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Courtney B said...

nothing like this in az! looks so fun!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

Helga said...

As a formr kid I would say this would be FUN!

Lindsey said...

Haha - I LOVE the "milking the cow" pictures/experience. My Dad used to milk Holsteins; I might have to check this out someday so my little ones can have a similar experience.

Helga said...

Kids love ice cream so this would be fun!

Unknown said...

I have to bring my kids there - it sounds wonderful and we love Turkey Hill!

brich2222 said...

would love to see this whenever we are out that way. I do love their ice cream!

ardy22 at earthlink dot net

NASCAR Race Mom said...

I love daytrips with my family!

Katharina said...

This sounds like a great trip for my family to plan. I've lived in PA my whole
life and wasn't aware that Turkey Hill Experience existed! I know it now, though,
and will be going and telling others. Looks like a lot of fun! ~Katharina

laurele said...

I lived near Philadelphia all my life and never knew about this, how fun!

laurele said...

I lived near Philadelphia all my life and never knew about this, How Fun!

Anonymous said...

This is new, opened in 2011 I think. Anyone know where I can get coupons or discounts on admission? Natalie

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