Thursday, February 28, 2013

Angel Soft is 2x Stronger, how are you 2X stronger? Giveaway #AngelSoft

Because Angel Soft is 2X stronger, they gave me the task of thinking of what personal challenge happened in my life for me to became two times stronger as a person. Well for me there are so many things that have happened in my life… what is the one event that made me the strong person that you see today? Well there are a list of items in my life that made me a stronger person, be it emergency room visits, to deaths.. But the one thing  in my life that has made me become a stronger person? Well if I have to choose one event, or life changing moment in my life, I would have to choose becoming a mother is the event in my life that has made me a stronger person. I could no longer be selfish… everything did not revolve around me anymore.

It is no longer just  out there on my own, I have had a little person who needed everything from me.   My daughter means everything to me, and I have to be a strong woman, to be able to work full time and take care of my little girl. Working, being a wife and being a mother all at the same time is difficult. Sometimes I feel like there is just too much on my plate and I cannot take it. But then I think of my daughter and she gives me the strength I need to go on. She makes me 2X stronger. I am a stronger more confident, and not as selfish as I was in the past, I am a better person. A mom my daughter can be proud of.

Angel Soft with Soft shield layers now stronger than ever to hold up better when wet. One thing you need to be strong in your life is toilet paper, we all need quality strong toilet tissue, that will stand up to whatever we put it through…  Angel Soft 2X stronger makes it easier to manage my household supplies, because the paper works well once, no need to use it over and over again an waste toilet tissue.

 So because Angel Soft is 2X stronger I will not have to buy toilet paper all the time any more (well it sure seems like I was always buying it) I would urge you to try this great toilet paper for yourself, the product is great and affordable. What more could you ask for. Well saving more money of course, well Angel Soft has a coupon for you, make sure to visit for   and print your coupon for your next purchase of Angel Soft!  Angel Soft an ideal balance of softness and strength at the value you love.

What makes you stronger, was it an event or a person in your life? I would love to hear what personal challenge made you a stronger person?

The generous folks at Angel Soft are giving one of Susan’s Disney Family readers a chance to win an Angel Soft product pack that includes one (1) $25 Target gift card and one (1) Angel Soft 2x Stronger pack with 4rolls (Valued at $1.99). Would you like to win? Please let me know about your a personal experience that made them 2x stronger. There are other optional entries after the mandatory entry as well. Please enter below.

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Kat said...

finishing college

Carolyn Daley said...

Overcoming financial struggles, dealing with tragedy, and loss has made me two times stronger.

slehan said...

10 years ago I was diagnosed with RA and I've learned to be strong and deal with it.
Thanks for the contest.

slehan at juno dot com

Denise Donaldson (MistySunrise) said...

having my daughter made me stronger

Denise Donaldson (MistySunrise) said...

the birth of my daughter made me stronger

lisa c said...

Finishing College

sohamolina said...

motherhood has made me stronger.

Colette S said...

Having children has made me 2x stronger!

Brian E. said...

Thanks for the giveaway...caring for my elderly parents made me stronger.

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

Rafflecopter: Bryan E.

Amy Lee said...

Dealing with anxiety problems in college.

AEKZ2 said...

Raising children has made me a lot stronger

Unknown said...

Being a single mother made me a million times stronger.

Kristin said...

Going to college and working three jobs when I was in my 30s, while raising 4 kids with a very unsupportive (now-ex) husband. Whew. Tough.

cassandra marquez said...

I would definitely say going through college and living by myself!
fb: rab pom

Trisha McKee said...

I grew up with a mentally ill, abusive mother. It taught me how I didn't want to be. I know now I can get through anything because I survived my childhood.

tridingermckee at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I've been through long-term unemployment more than once so it'll do something for your morale that's for certain.

Tim Moss,

Unknown said...

taking care of a husband and a kid is 2x's the trouble :P

Roxann said...

My kids make me stronger! (Roxann)

M said...

Going through a difficult year and still staying strong!

Unknown said...

dealing with my husband when he has worked a very bust scedual makes me 2X stronger lol

Anonymous said...

Fighting obesity my whole life was nothing compared to the guild and motivation of my daughter following in my footsteps. Keeping track of OUR food and exercise has made me 2x stronger.

Anonymous said...

Last October, my mother was hit by a car. It was a long recovery and I had to be strong and handle a heavy load with her healing, rehab, lawyer, bills, etc . . . but thankfully, she is fine now and I learned of my inner strength.

cman said...

Too private to mention.

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