Friday, February 1, 2013

The pairs of glasses everyone should have.

One of the biggest nightmares experienced by eyeglasses wearers is the possible misplacement of their only pair. This is why you should always pack more than one pair when you travel, in case that something happens to one and you are left blind. In fact, due to the availability of cheap glasses these days there are several types of glasses that everyone needing them should have. 

The sophisticated pair: This is the pair of glasses that makes you look more intelligent that you actually are. They are perfect for that first job interview, or when you are trying to impress you future in-laws. In fact there are many occasions in life where it pays to look smarter and commanding more authority. By looking more sophisticated you automatically become more confident and ready to take on any of life’s challenges.

The retro pair: Everything old is new again and this is true for eyeglasses as well. Women will remember the fun cat eye glasses of the 50s and 60s while men can identify with the styles such as horned rimmed glasses. Both of these styles have been once again popularized through shows such as Mad Men. If you are looking for some unique styles man and women check out sites such as

The ‘you’ pair: This pair of glasses is your ‘go to’ choice. Whether they display your fun personality through unique and colourful frames, or try to minimize the appearance of glasses whatsoever, this is the pair you love on an everyday basis, and protect with your life. These glasses are the last thing that you touch at night and the first thing you touch in the morning. Without them many people will mention that there is something different about you, but will not be able to put their finger on it.

While these are not technically ‘glasses’ they are vision aids which is why they are included on this list. For some occasions it may be preferable to wear glasses instead of contacts. This included playing contact sports, swimming or having your picture taken at a big even such as wedding or graduations. No one wants to look back on the pictures and try to guess what decade it was by simply glasses alone.

The ugly pair: Now this may be controversial, but everyone should have an ugly pair of glasses. Maybe they were your first pair, before you knew better, or maybe they were an ill-advised purchase. Everyone usually has one of these. These are great to take as a backup on vacation, so that you will not be too upset if you happen to lose it. For some reason the ugly pair is often the most comfortable. Simply slip them on when you get home from the office; they are ideal for reading long novels by the fireplace or indulging in your favourite guilty television pleasure. If you avoid all the mirrors and avoid answering the doorbell, you may not even realize how unattractive they really are.

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