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Wreck-It Ralph on speical edition DVD 3/5/13

 If you are a fan of Disney animation movies, this is one of the best in my opinion, I am sure you will love this fun and zany movie as much as we did.

From Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Wreck-It Ralph” takes viewers on a hilarious journey.  For decades, Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) has played the bad guy in his popular video game. In a bold move, he embarks on an action-packed adventure and sets out to prove to everyone that he is a true hero with a big heart. As he explores exciting new worlds, he teams up with some unlikely new friends including feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman).    The film is directed by Emmy®-winner Rich Moore. Featuring an all-star voice cast including Jack McBrayer as the voice of Fix It Felix, Jr. and Jane Lynch as the voice of Sgt. Calhoun, plus breakthrough bonus features that take viewers even deeper into the world of video games, Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” has something for every player. Over an hour of all-new bonus material is featured on the Digital and Blu-ray Combo Pack, including deleted and alternate scenes, the theatrical short “Paperman,” plus much more.

The home entertainment debut of “Wreck-It Ralph” will be available in multiple ways, containing exciting all-new bonus features that extend the fun-filled movie experience.

Bonus Materials Overview for These Products:
HD Digital

SD Digital

4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray +DVD + Digital Copy)

2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack  (Blu-ray +DVD)

·         Bit by Bit: Creating the Worlds of “Wreck-It Ralph” – Fans of the film will get a look at five new worlds created for “Wreck-It Ralph.” The short takes viewers into Game Central Station with the artists who brought Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty and Fix It Felix Jr. to life.
·         Alternate & Deleted Scenes – Four separate scenes are highlighted with an introduction and optional audio commentary from director Rich Moore.
·         Video Game Commercials Viewers can check out the commercials created for the video games featured in the film - Fix It Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty and Fix It Felix Hammer.
·         “Paperman” – This animated short film played in theaters before “Wreck It Ralph.” It tells the story of a young man in an office who sees the girl of his dreams in a skyscraper window across the street. But how can he get her attention?

Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Materials
·         Disney Intermission: The Gamer’s Guide to “Wreck-It-Ralph” – When the film is paused, host Chris Hardwick appears on screen to guide viewers through a series of 10 video segments offering an inside look at the many video game references, Disney references and other hidden surprises featured in the film.
Suggested Retail                                  4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack
Prices:                                                    (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray +DVD + Digital Copy)
                                                                $49.99 US and $56.99 Canada                                                       

                                                                2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack 
                                                                (Blu-ray +DVD)
                                                                $39.99 US and $46.99 Canada
                                                                $29.99 US and $35.99 Canada
                                                                Digital and On-Demand                                                                Consumers should check with their television provider or preferred digital                                                                       retailer for pricing and additional information
Feature Run Time:                              Approximately 101 minutes

Our Take:

My husband loves Disney, so much so he has the D with Mickey head logo tattooed on the back of his calf. But when asked who his favorite character is he always has a hard time answering. He loves all the characters but he never had that one that is until now. We had the pleasure of seeing Wreck it Ralph and my husband has found his favorite Disney character, he loved the character of Ralph and his freakishly large hands. He’s a gamer has been since birth practically and he’s raising our daughter to be a gamer so a Disney movie about video games was right up their alley, it’s a movie they can identify with. 

Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) hates his role in the game world of Fix it Felix Jr., he’s the bad guy, he’s the one the people of Niceland fear because well he’s “gonna wreck it!” Ralph longs to be accepted by the Nicelanders, like the way they treat Fix it Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer) the games hero, he’s beloved, well respected, gets cake and parties and lives in the apartment building while Ralph lives in the trash.
I’m going to do this spoiler free because if you love Disney animation and video games you need to see this film. The voice talent is off the charts with Jane Lynch, Ed O’Neill, Sarah Silverman, Dennis Haysbert, Adam Corolla etc. The video game characters are plentiful you’ll see Qbert, Ryu and Ken, Bison and Zangief of Street Fighter fame. Sonic the Hedgehog makes an appearance as does Pacman and Bowser from Mario Brother’s fame. I wish we would have gotten to see a Mario cameo but… All in all this was another great movie from start to finish.
We get to see Ralph try and become a hero to finally be accepted and the movie is basically his struggles with being “bad” but wanting to be good. I’d love to go into more detail but I don’t want to ruin anything.  The extras are great, we just loved the deleted scenes.
We all loved it and my daughter especially loved it because of the character of Vanellope von Schweetz being an almost 8 year old she really liked the fact that Vanellope is of similar age and lives in a game world that is an awful lot like Mario Kart! Disney is and will always be an animation studio and they really knocked this one out of the park. 

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Unknown said...

We will definitely be getting this DVD. Wanted to see it in theaters but never got around to it. Looks really fun!

Denise C said...

We still haven't seen this one, but my kids are just dying to!

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to see this with the kids! Looks amazing!

Unknown said...

OMG my kids and I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Its so funny and entertaining! I can't wait to own it on DVD!

Kristyn said...

this looks like such a good movie that our family would enjoy together!

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