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Koch Foods Chicken Oven Cravers, flavorful delicious chicken

 Does your family love chicken? Well my family sure does. From picky eaters to people (like my husband) that will eat just about anything chicken is something everyone loves. We are used to a more boring chicken breast version of chicken, so when I had the chance to review wonderful sounding flavors from Koch chicken. I jumped at the chance. For the next few weeks I will be introducing you all to some great unique chicken flavors and products from Koch. Here is a little more information about Koch Foods, the makers of Chicken Oven Cravers and many other great chicken.

Since 1985, Koch Foods has provided top quality products and unparalleled service at great prices. With quality, service, and a focus on value, Koch Foods is the preferred supplier of fresh and frozen poultry products for food service and retail operators around the world. From our cutting edge facilities that ensure unmatched food safety, to our innovative production technology designed to reduce cost and increase efficiency, there are many significant benefits and advantages that Koch Foods brings to your operation.

It is March, so along with the coming of spring what else does March bring? Well March madness of course!! As big basketball fans our family gears up each march with basketball pools and of course quite a few weekend get togethers with family and friends. And what makes a get together great? Great food of course! Chicken Cravers are a great choice. Sure we have all tried buffalo bones chicken, it is a popular flavor that we love. But did you know that Koch’s Chicken Cravers has a great new product that is coming out this month? A mix of 2 Flavors in one bag? Buffalo and Ranch and BBQ and Orange. Great combinations for all tastes.

My daughter is one of those kids that can be picky with certain foods. But oddly enough she loves chicken tenders. Regular, flavored she is up for just about anything. I have never tried ranch chicken or orange chicken before. I could not wait to try it. I have to admit they were delicious! The ranch was so unique, and it worked so well with the buffalo, I liked mixing the two on the plate, to get a real taste of the spicy and the cool toppings.. mmmm so crispy and tasty.

Just a note these are to be cooked in an oven, the chicken is raw inside. So you are cooking these fresh, not reheating the chicken, thus making this dry. Having the chicken like this makes the chicken moist and delicious. The outsides are crunchy and flavorful, with moist delicious tender chicken inside.  You must cook this in an oven.


The Price of wings is currently very high, 2 flavor snack cravers offers significant value for your purchase by containing 2 lb per bag. Each bag has 2 sauce packets instead of one, so you can choose how much or how little sauce you would like.  My husband and my daughter loves their chicken thourally sauced, while I like to lightly top my chicken with the sauce. I love that you can choose what you want, you can even mix the sauces if you wish. A great option.  I have tried other frozen chicken in the past, the bag contained chicken that was already covered and it just was not as good.

The chicken was easy to make, and the flavors were amazing.  If you are looking for a great snack or appetizer idea for an upcoming get together or March Madness college basketball tournament party, I would highly suggest picking up a bag or two of Koch’s Chicken Cravers. This would also make a great meal for the family. The new flavors are amazing, and are something you and your guests will love.

Here is a list of the items that I will be sharing with you in the next weeks:

ORIGINAL CHICKEN FRIES  A family classic. The great taste of chicken is the perfect way to snack! Dip these Fries into ketchup – or try another flavor … Snack Cravers Original Chicken Fries are the perfect way to have a fun time.

HONEY BBQ  a sweet and tangy BBQ flavor ready right from your oven. You won’t need any extra sauce as our newest chicken tender offers scrumptious and pleasing flavor baked in with every bite.

SPICY CHICKEN BREAST TENDER FRITTERS  Flavor you can see even before it goes in the oven. Just one bite and you’ll wonder how you can ever have the same old plain tenders again.

CHICKEN OVEN CRAVERS CORDON BLEU  offers succulent bite after succulent bite. Filled with Swiss Cheese and Ham, you’ll devour every bite.

CHICKEN OVEN CRAVERS CHICKEN PARMESAN  is a contemporary take on a family favorite. Delicious stuffed chicken breasts filled with four cheeses – Provolone, Mozzarella, Romano, & Parmesan – in marinara sauce that is sure to satisfy your whole crew.

SEASONED OVEN CRAVERS PEPPER JACK, SWISS CHEESE & BACON  Destined to become a classic. A hint of rich bacon and the tempting heat of Pepper Jack cheese combine to deliver exceptional taste.

They sound delicious, don’t they? Wait until you see them! Make sure to check back next week when we share another great goodie from Koch foods.

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Samantha K said...

I have never heard of those before but I LOVE that there are two flavors in each package. Everyone around here seems to be craving something different so this would be helpful!

Tiffany: Diva Locks said...

Those all sound like great tasting flavors, I've never heard of the brand before, I'll have to be on the look out when I am in the store to see if they are sold where I live, thanks for sharing!

Jeannette said...

These are so yummy! We got to try them out recently and I loved the quality and the flavors!

KathleenKL said...

WOW--these look great--thanks for sharing--my family is going to love this!

Meghan @ Crazy Casa K said...

Look yummy! My son is a chicken nugget addict, maybe I can add some variety by trying these!

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