Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lots to Do In Line: Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever gone to Disney World (chances are you have if you’ve come to this site!) you know what it’s like to wait and wait in lines. When we were in Disney world last October the lines for Star Tours we’re approaching 280 minutes! If you’re going to wait in line for over 4 hours you’re going to need something to kill time or you’re going to go nuts waiting.
But what can you do to kill time? Play with your cell phone? Sure they’re great, they have games and You Tube and you can just surf the web but they have a main function as a phone, and after playing with it in line for hours on end your battery will eventually die now your phone is useless and if you need it to make a call you’re stuck. You can talk but holding a multi hour conversation is hard and can become boring quickly!

I have your solution and it comes in the form of an easy to carry book called Lots to Do in Line written by Meredith Pierce. This is a Disney World book written by a Disney Land  fan and it is chock full of questions broken up into the lands of Disney world with appropriate questions for each land.
We're Disney World veterans, that includes our 8 year old who has been there more times than she can count now. But even the most well traveled and experienced WDW visitor sometimes gets caught in a line. I know touring plans help but even they run into a unexpected tour group every once and a while. What do you do when you're suddenly caught in a line and you know that your kid isn't going to be the happiest child in a few minutes?

You reach for your copy of Lots to Do In Line: Walt Disney World by Meredith Lyn Pierce. And just to get this out of the way the new Fantasyland is represented in this book so no worries the author did her due diligence and thought of everything. Quizzes and scavenger/treasure hunts keep your mind moving in case the line you're in isn't. I've found myself flipping though the book and trying to answer as many questions as I can but I quickly put the book down because I don't want to spoil the fun. Not that standing in line is fun but with Lots to Do in Line in my possession it made it a lot easier! With 300+ pages of questions and answers you're more than ready to tackle any line! Just remember to use the bathroom first...

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Jeannette said...

We are planning a trip and I'll have to pick up this book! Sounds like a great way to keep the kids busy while waiting in line!

Sheila Rae said...

Boy oh boy why didn't you post this a month ago!! The longest we had to wait in line was 90 minutes so not terribly bad.. but it is a pain!

Ashley S said...

Great post! We like to visit Disney in the off-season when there are no lines ;) But sometimes we still run into them so this is great. Thanks!

Laura O in AK said...

I've only gone during the 'off season' so that lines were not that bad. However, I think it's great to prepare in advance ~ especially if you have young kids in tow!

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