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Hot Wheels SpinShotz & Hot Wheel's Stunt Devils Set Review

Do you have a little kid in your life (or a big kid like my husband) that loves Hot Wheels? Well there are two great new sets of Hot Wheels toys, that special child in your life will love these fun and exciting new toys!
We were very fortunate to be able to check out:
Hot Wheel's  Spin ShotzAll the action and performance of Hot Wheels — but with hyper-speed discs instead of traditional vehicles! With this innovative stunt set, kids can race the included disc along the Magna Grip® track, boost the power, and launch the spinning disc at the scoring target!
  • Includes one SpinShotz disc, designed for speed, acceleration, and stunting
  • Push the button to launch the disc onto the track
  • Use the power booster for ultra speed
  • Aim, launch, and hit the bullseye target
  • Modular design lets kids easily connect additional SpinShotz sets (sold separately)
  • Lots of exciting playtime for Hot Wheels fans!

Hot Wheel's  Stunt Devils- This amazing stunt set is for kids who want to push the limits of their Team Hot Wheels™ Stunt Devils™ vehicles. The specially-designed playset utilizes Stunt Devils™ trick functionality to create heart-pounding action that’s unlocked when the vehicles are played with on track. Themed as the secretive Hot Wheels Test Facility™ where Team Hot Wheels™ drivers practice, the set challenges kids to complete outrageous races and stunts. Each of the four types of Stunt Devils™  vehicle functionality including - jumping, crashing, drifting or back-flipping, is interchangeable at special destination points in the set. To fast track to the best stunt option, rotatable vehicle launchers located at either side of the set are used to project Stunt Devils™ to different action zones. Utilizing a modular track configuration, kids can set up the course to complete head-to-head or solo. The Showdown playset works only with Stunt Devils™  vehicles. Set includes one Stunt Devils™ vehicle.
ARP: $22.99        

Hot Wheels have been around for years, I when I was little I used to play with my father’s Hot Wheels all the time! I just adored the Volkswagen Bug car he had, I would play with these cars for hours on end, they were such fun.  Nowadays Hot Wheels is known for more than just cool cars, they have some great sets and now they have spinning toys called Spinshotz

Put a set of cars in front of my husband and watch him instantly morph back into an eight year old. It's fun to watch him at play actually, my husband loves Hot Wheels and still has every car he had when he was our daughter's age and they're lovingly packed away in the case he received from Santa oh so many Christmas' ago.
My two kids the big one and the little one were having a blast when I let them play with some cool Hot Wheel's toys like Spin Shotz, my husband kept saying over and over I wish I had this when I was a kid this is awesome! What Spin Shotz is,  is a ramp and a disc that you shoot into a target to get points, it combines speed and flying with a cool game that practically anyone can play. It went from a game to seeing who could get the disc to spin the longest or who can shoot the disc the farthest. Like I said my two kids were having a grand old time playing.

My daughter just had a blast playing with daddy with the Hot Wheels Spin Shotz. This was super easy to set up, I was able to help my daughter and we had this set up in minutes, ready to play with and have fun.
This is so easy to play all you have to do is put the disc on the launcher and wind it up, when it is wound put it on the launcher press the release button! Then the fast flying disc will fly around the track trying to hit the numbered targets.

My daughter loved watching the disc fly and tried hard to hit the target, it took a while to practice then she got the hang of it and hit the high number targets, this was so much fun.
The Spin Shots also have other discs, and more accessories that are available for purchase, you can buy other themes and colors. I am sure my daughter will like to collect them all. Well with her birthday coming up, she may just get some more as a birthday surprise.
The other toy was Stunt Devils instead of shooting discs off ramp this time you launch a cool looking car around a track crashing through obstacles and a “flaming” hoop and having it do all kinds of insane jumps. They we're sitting on the floor for hours lost in their world of discs and cars flying all over the living room. I'm glad to have something to keep the both of them out of trouble and my hair!

So if you are looking for a great gift for a special little kid or big kid in your life I would highly recommend these new Hot Wheels toys, they are filled with old fashioned fun. Take the time to unplug and just have fun with your imagination.

Buy it:
These Hot Wheels toys are available in stores nationwide and are also available on Amazon

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Randa Derkson said...

This is such a great gift for all little ones! Keeps them entertain ;)

Michelle said...

My boys love hot wheels the stunt devils would totally be their choice.

Amanda @ Guide for Mom said...

Hot wheelz are awesome... for a company that has been around for awhile, they sure come out with new and exciting toys!

Just Us Girls said...

My little guy would have a ball with that Spin Shotz, looks super cool and he's a huge Hot Wheels fan!

Just Trying To Save Money said...

Our nephew would love this! He loves cars and things that go fast!!

Just Trying To Save Money said...

Our nephew would love this! He loves cars and things that go fast!

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