Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lovesque great clothing you will love!

With the summer right around the corner, are you looking for some new signature pieces to add to your wardrobe for a nice spruced up closet? Well I came across a great site, with high quality fashionable clothing that you will love - Lovesque. They carry great clothing for women at affordable prices. Here is a little more information about the company from the website:

Creator of Lovesque, Christina Biamonte, is a self-taught fashion designer. Biamonte found herself drawn to conversations about fashion. Realizing that something was missing from her life and from the marketplace that her clientele was searching for, Biamonte strived to create a women's line tailored to the 21st century lady. Thus, her clothing line Lovesque was born in 2012.
The name Lovesque stems from love, referring to passion, and esque, 
indicating style. Fused together, the brand is not just about fashion but is truly about style. Lovesque encompasses a timeless, classic, slimming, and elegant look, designed to empower women to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in their skin and with their personal style. Each piece from the Lovesque line is made from ultra-soft fabrics, such as Modal, for all-day comfort. Putting on these pieces is described by consumers as gliding into a second skin that feels just as luxurious as it looks. 

To embrace the natural feminine charm of women, Biamonte hides inspirational quotes on the inside of some of Lovesque's pieces. The mantras are sewn into the fabric and worn on the heart to empower women to love what they wear, wear what they love...and ultimately to empower women to love themselves.

There are so many great items on the site, here are a few of my favorites:

 Ballerina Ribbon Wrap 


Shimmer Lace Tank 

 Breezy Sheer Overlay

I was very fortunate to be able to check out the Classic Criss Cross top from Lovesque.  

  Classic Criss Cross

This double-layered top adds sophistication to any outfit. The satin criss cross pattern is designed to flatter any figure. Available in Black with white accents or White with black accents.


As you all know I am a working mom who has a very busy life. Just because I am busy, this does not mean I do not want to look good with all I do, be it going to work or going food shopping. Sure it would be easier to put on a pair of sweats and just get comfy when I go out, but that is just not my style.  I love classy fashionable clothing that is also comfortable. I was able to check out a cute top from Lovesque the Classic Criss Cross Top in black.

This top comes in two colors, a white with black criss cross, or black with white criss cross.  This top is light weight, and well made. When I put this top on it looked like a million bucks, but of course it costs much less. This top is very versatile, it can easily be paired with a skirt for work. Then this top could be dressed down with some jeans, and it would fit right in for a dress down trip to the mall or a date night with my husband.  The Criss Cross top is very well made and it is a quality item. The shape of the top works well with my hourglass shape, and it is very flattering.

I was able to wear this top to work and I got quite a few complements on it, my co-workers just loved the criss cross pattern.  Christina Biamonte, is self-taught and is very talented. She really has an eye for fashion a great classic yet contemporary looks.  If you are looking for some great additions to your summer wardrobe make sure to check out the great fashion at  Lovesque. Lovesque, has a nice selection of items for women in all shapes and sizes, from XS, S, M, L, XL.

Buy it:

You can purchase anything shown here and much more at  Lovesque

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