Monday, April 22, 2013

Ripley's Believe it or Not, a great place to visit in Atlantic City!

This past Saturday we took a trip down the Atlantic City Express Way to well Atlantic City and one of things we were able to do was visit the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. 
My husband and I grew up watching the old Ripley's shows hosted by Jack Palance and then when the modern version came on with Dean Cain we watched that as well, we're both fans of oddities and strange things and we're raising our daughter to appreciate the weird as well. 
She couldn't wait to see everything but the one thing she really couldn't wait to see was the life size statue of Robert Wadlow the World's Tallest Man. Once my husband told her that he was almost 9 feet tall (8' 11" to be precise) she became fixated on seeing that statue! The whole trip down she went on and on about seeing it and we kept telling her there is a lot more to see.....that went right over her head as she was hyper-focused on seeing this really tall guy. 

 We arrived at the museum a few minutes after they opened and that's when our daughter got her wish standing right inside the entrance is the nearly 9 feet tall statue of Robert Wadlow! She nearly exploded, I'm not kidding, I've never seen her this "geeked up" (my husbands term) over something that wasn't a toy or game.
 She made a flat Stanley for school so she put her flattie next to Big Bob and the flattie was about shin high, my daughter stood next to him and was about knee high, I was mid thigh and my husband was about belly button high. He was immense and I can only imagine what it would have been like to see him live and in person it had to be impressive.

 From there we started our tour, I love the way museum is laid out and how you go from room to room, you don't get confused or lost as in some museums. From a 2 headed calf to a Jack Sparrow made out of used car parts to matchstick art that is so impressive with it's level of detail this museum has it all. From the odd to the strange to the bizarre (there is a difference to them all!) It's all here at the Ripley's Museum. 

We were lost in the museum (in a good way) for almost 2 hours. My daughter's obsession went from Big Bob to the feet binding that they used to do in China, she was astonished that a foot could be made to look like that and throughout the entire museum she just kept talking about it and asking us question we couldn't answer! She finally stopped talking when she discovered the mirage that is set up towards the end of the museum, you see a beach girl with a towel or do you??

My husband pointed out the girl my daughter looked and when she continued on her way was floored when the girl wasn't there! She kept running back and forth and was astonished at how she vanished she thought it was the coolest thing....until we got to the end of the museum and the spinning tunnel. At first she was apprehensive and a little scared it was dark and spinning, my husband told her to watch him walk through it and see what happens as he was walking down the tunnel he kept walking into the railing since his balance was all outta whack, he came back through and again kept hitting the railing! That was all my daughter needed to see. 

She kept going back and forth trying to not hit anything and we were laughing and having a great time with that until we realized just how dizzy we all were and had to stop before a protein spill happened! We had a great Saturday at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, if you're ever in the area of a Ripley's Museum go in you'll have a great time looking at all the odd and amazing things they have. And just for the record she's still fixated on Robert Wadlow......

So if you are looking for a fun family place to visit when you are in the Atlantic City NJ area, Ripley's is an affordable fun place your family will love!

Make sure to visit Ripley's Believe it or Not in Atlantic City. If you are not close to AC, there are many other locations check out Ripley's!

Current Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Friday               11 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday                             10 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday                                10 am to 8 pm

  Ticket Prices for Ripley’s

  • Adult (13 and up) $15.99 + tax
  • Child (5-12) $9.99 + tax
  • Child (4 and younger) free
  • Seniors (65+) $12.99 + tax

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jamie braun said...

how lucky you are! Im seriously JEALOUS! i wish we had one close! i super into things like this! LOVE Ripley's

J Rodney said...

It looks like a fun place, do they offer any discounts?

Courtney B said...

WOW would love to go here! looks so fun!

smilekisses said...

Love the pic with ET. Priceless!

Porsche Exhaust said...

Beautiful pics. It really looks like a fun place.

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