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An interview with Ty Simpkins (Harley) from Iron Man 3 #Ironman3event

 During my trip to LA my fellow bloggers and I had the privilege of interviewing a Hollywood rising star, Ty Simpkins. He was friendly and sweet. What a great kid. I enjoyed hanging out with him, it was like hanging out with a kid brother. 

 Ty is just like any other kid, his favorite movie is The Avengers and his biggest supporter is his mother. During the interview Ty chatted about his character, Iron Man 3 and just life a child actor. Here are a few of my favorite questions from the interview.

 **Picture courtesy of Dear Crissy**

Question: What’s your favorite aspect of your character (Harley)?

Ty Simpkins: I think my favorite aspect of being my character is that I get to meet Tony Stark. But I’m similar to him. Because I’m a-- like a genius in the movie. And he’s a genius in the movie, of course, more of a genius than my character, but……
Question: How does it feel to be working with Robert Downey Jr?

Ty Simpkins:  Oh, it’s awesome. Like literally Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite person. 
Question:  How did you get into acting?

Ty Simpkins: I’ve been acting since I was born. I was still in my mom’s stomach when the people called and asked me to be on either a TV show or a soap opera. But they asked me. And then-- uh, they didn’t ask me. They asked my mom. And she said I’m not born yet. But and then they said we’ll wait. So—

Question: How do you find a healthy life balance? (real life vs acting life)
Ty Simpkins: So like sometimes if we’re still in LA on the breaks we’ll still go back and go to school and stuff. And I’ll see my friends a lot. And then we film. And I have a studio teacher to teach me.   I like to play play baseball. I like to fence.  And I like to make, Lego stop motion videos.
Here is a photo I shot while I was walking the red carpet (cool huh?). I love Ty's sneakers and suit look so dapper! 

Question: How did you get the part?

Ty Simpkins: I got a call from my agent. And I was really excited. I’m like, this is so cool. And then we went to the audition. But it was so top secret that we-- that we couldn’t look at the script until we got to the audition. And but it was really easy 'cause it was only two scenes that were short-- or, no, it was a scene that was short. We got a callback. And I was like, oh, okay, cool, cool. This is awesome! And then our agent said that we got a chemistry read with Robert Downey Jr. And I was really excited for that.

Question:        Were you nervous when you met Robert Downy Jr?

Ty Simpkins:  He actually asked me that. And I said, no, I’m just really excited to meet him.

My Question:        How did you react to getting the part?

Ty Simpkins:        I screamed yes!!   I was really excited. I was at a cello class. And it kind of just made it even better, cello even better.!

Question:        What’s your favorite way to pass time on set?

Ty Simpkins:           It depends. If I’m in summer I usually hang out with the studio teacher, like the one that was on this set was pretty awesome 'cause she had an iPad. And she had educational games, which are-- that there- was one really - cool called Oregon Trail. But they made a modified version. And that’s just really awesome.

  **Picture courtesy of Dear Crissy**

Ty said that kids around his age (11) will love the movie. But cautions that some scenes can be very loud with the explosions. So an Imax showing for younger kids may not be the best idea, just stick to the standard theater for the younger set. Ty has always loved Marvel movies, and his favorite hero is Iron Man! What a dream come true it must have been for him to be able to work alongside of his favorite hero, Iron Man and the actor he most admires Robert Downey Jr.

And I am a huge Oregon Trail fan too! As soon as he mentioned he liked that game I applauded. I know it shows my age, but I used to play that game all the time in computer class when the game was relatively new!  Ty’s next project is Insidious 2 and Conversations with Andy, make sure to check him out in those upcoming movies as well. Ty is a great down to earth kid, and he is a great actor. I am sure he will go far in Hollywood, with a great career ahead of him.

Make sure to check Ty out in Iron Man 3 he is a great addition to this movie. Even my husband was impressed with his acting abilities, he loved the way he worked off of Robert Downey Jr, they were a great match. 

What would you have asked this rising star?

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Someday I'll Learn said...

What a fun opportunity! I love the Iron Man series.

Greta said...

I can't disagree with him - Oregon Trail is super cool! Thanks for the peek behind the scenes.

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...

This is such a great interview! We saw Iron Man 3 and thought Ty was great in it! It's fun getting to know more about him and learning about how he got the role and his thoughts about meeting Robert Downey Jr.

Dawn Lopez said...

How fun! He is totally adorable and sounds really down to earth! Thanks for sharing the interview, I love getting a sneak peak into the lives of celebs! Looking forward to seeing the movie, too exciting!

Unknown said...

Great interview!

Stefani @ said...

He is such a cute little guy, great interview!

Pam said...

What a fun interview! I am loving seeing your experiences on your trip.

Michelle said...

How fun, the kid sounds awesome. And my 12 year old is so looking forward to seeing this on Saturday.

Liz Mays said...

I love his innocence and enthusiasm about the role. What a cool gig for a young person to get!

Meghan @ Crazy Casa K said...

Great interview - cute kid!

Krystle(Baking Beauty) said...

Sounds like a great movie I can't wait to see it wit the fam!

BrettBMartin said...

what a little cutie! we're going saturday to see iron man 3 :)

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how cool that you got to interview him! i cant wait to see the movie!

Kristyn said...

This would be such a fun event to attend what a great opportunity! cant wait to see the movie

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