Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Man 3, an amazing action packed blockbuster in theaters today! #IronMan3Event

As most of you all know I had the great privilege to be able to travel to LA to attend the Iron Man 3 premiere, a whirlwind trip, that included celebrity interviews, and much more and of course I got to see the movie. I am now able to tell you all about this great movie!

Today we have the launch of the latest superhero movie Marvel's Iron Man 3. A lot of people are having mixed reactions to the movie, some are saying this is the best Iron Man film of the franchise, others have said it's not as good. I liked it but I have to admit I came into watching these movies years ago without being really excited, I'm a girl (duh!) and I didn't grow up reading comics and playing with action figures, but over the course of time I've been with my husband I've seen a lot of super hero movies and I've learned to appreciate them and I actually like them. My opinion is now from a fan girl, I now know all about pretty much all of the superheroes and I know what an enjoyable movie is and I enjoyed Iron Man 3. 
Now that I've seen all 3 Iron Man movies I have to admit he's my favorite super hero, it's a combination of the character and the actor who portrays him. Iron is a hero not because of a mutation or from being from a far off distant super human alien planet, he's a man with a suit that makes him super. I love the fact that he's still just a regular human being, and the choice of having Robert Downey, Jr. play the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist was brilliant casting, he's able to pull everything off without a hitch. He's the rich guy everyone wants to be and he plays it to a T. One of the other aspects I love are the villains, again they're regular people and they are always so different and interesting.  I loved the addition of Harley played by Ty Simpkins, it was a great way to see the softer side of Iron Man.
 One thing I've learned over time is that ordinary people can be amazing as hero's and villains. And what's a hero without a foil? From Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) to Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) and now the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) the villains have all been great and have helped make the movies great.
Now being a woman I appreciate a strong female and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is there step for step with Tony, she doesn't take any of his flack and seems to be the only person who can reign in Mr. Stark. I love her character and in Iron Man 3 she really gets a chance to shine (I'm keeping this as spoiler free).
  I remember when Terrance Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle my husband moaned and groaned and once he saw Iron Man 2 he stopped his griping. They originally cast the role of Rhodey well and recast the role just as good as the original!
I don't want to give you any spoilers but I wanted to share my favorite scene from the film, a real hero scene, the Air Force One rescue is my favorite from the film, make sure to check out this great clip!
 Overall I enjoyed the movie, the story is great, and really keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seat.  And for those wondering about the suits they were too cool, I loved the unique and different variety of suits. I don’t want to give any secrets or spoilers, in this review. Go see the movie, opinions are just that opinions, don't take my word or someone else's word go see it and judge it for yourself. I know you will love it! I loved it so much my family and I are going to see it this weekend.

Make sure to see this entertaining  addition of the Iron man franchise! In theaters today! 

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IRON MAN 3 releases in theaters on May 3rd!

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Unknown said...

So fun! I saw the first one, now I need to get caught up with the 2nd and 3rd films!

A Mom's Take said...

I absolutely want to see IM3!!!

Unknown said...

Loving the great reviews I've read of this movie - I definitely can't wait to see it for myself with my oldest son! Perfect Mommy-Son Date Night!

Sheila Rae said...

My son and his friend are heading to see this movie tomorrow. I guess I will have to see it as there is a lot of talk about it.

KathleenKL said...

Going tonight to see it in 3-D!!! can't wait!

Theresa said...

This looks like fun!

Pam said...

This one sounds great. Thanks for sharing it with us. I can't wait to see it.

Amanda said...

So excited to check out Iron Man 3!

tm said...

Thanks for sharing the little clip. We love Iron Man!

BrettBMartin said...

Can't wait to see- its my birthday week so we have a date Saturday night and we're doing dinner, shopping for new dishes and Iron Man 3!! MY request ;)

Liz Mays said...

He's my favorite too. I just love RDJ's no apologies attitude with the character and his dry sense of humor!

The Rebel Chick said...

I just took my husband to see Iron Man 3 today because I wanted to see it again so badly!

Kristyn said...

i cant wait to see this movie with the family!

Jeana said...

Easily one of the best movies yet, loved it!

tammilee said...

Love the addition of Ty Simpkins to the movie. He does such an amazing job!

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