Thursday, May 9, 2013

Iron Man 3, an interview with Prop Master, Russell Bobbitt #ironman3event

Well who is Russell Bobbitt, you may ask? Well Russell is a rare prop master in that he makes many of the items that you see on the screen.  When you watch “Iron Man 3”, a lot of the gadgets and stuff in there Russell actually makes.

He’s not, just a prop master bringing stuff.  He actually designs in all the “Iron Man” Marvel films many of the iconic props that you see in the movies.
Russel discusses, the Arc Reactor, and other props he made for the Iron Man movie franchises. 
Russell Bobbitt:  A lot of you will know the R.T. as the Arc Reactor.  If you have kids they all call it the Arc Reactor because in the toy stores it’s called the Arc Reactor.  It’s the light that’s on his chest, in the (Iron Man) suits and both on his chest.  Since “Iron Man 1” we made all those, to fit.  And his (Robert Downey JR) body has changed over the years as many of ours do.  So we take a cast of his chest and we mold the piece right to his chest. 
And every scene we glue the thing onto his chest with special effects makeup glue.  So he has to shave his little chest area right there so it stays on.  And then by remote control I turn on and off the light, for each take.  It runs on a little, cell phone battery.  And there’s ten minutes of life to that -- that light that you’re seeing.  He certainly doesn’t appreciate it being torn off his chest to change the change battery a whole lot.

So what I do is I have it on a remote control.  And we turn it on and off.  And it’s an accumulative ten minutes.  So ten minutes like a football game can last up through lunch time, uh, as long as I'm turning it on and off.  So it’s pretty cool.  It’s evolved over the years.  “Iron Man 1” we couldn’t get the transmitter small enough to put the remotes in the -- and so I would have to come up to him with a little bobby pin and stick it a little -- and turn on its switch on and off between takes.

If you watch “Iron Man 1” it had very emotional scenes.  You know, you  sometimes you had to well up, you know what I mean?  And the prop guy’s over there at his chest going, “Oh, wait.  It didn’t turn on.”  So, then “Iron Man 2” the stuff got smaller.  “Iron Man 3” we have the remote controls.  Turned it on and off.  So it’s a cool piece that you’ll see in the film.  And for each film we've changed the design, and the inside of it.

Those are the kinda things I do.  Everything that the actor has to interact with is my responsibility.  Anything they touch, is mine including eyeglasses and watches.
 Russell has such a cool job, that lets his imagination run wild! He really loves what he does and it shows. I want to thank Russell for taking the time out of his busy day to speak with us and share some of the backstage magic with us.

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Jeana said...

It's amazing how the movie draws you in so much that as an audience we never consider these things.

Marybeth Hamilton said...

You think you understand all the behind-the-scenes details that go into an action film like this one, but my thoughts weren't even close to how much work is done! Great article!

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