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Kusina Filipino Cuisine, take an exotic trip for dinner tonight!

Are you adventurous with your food, and do you like to try new things? Well my family loves to try new things, especially when food is concerned.  I have never tried Filipino Cuisine, and when I had the chance to check out Kusina, frozen Filipino Cuisine entries, I was so excited to try something new and delicious!

Here is a little more information about Kusina from the website:

Join Kusina in celebrating the new found popularity of Filipino cuisine, with its colorful spectrum of perfectly blended tastes. The Filipino kitchen (kusina) is host to a melting pot of influences, begun 400 years ago as Spanish settlers infused their recipes of passion with the finest of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Malay cooking.

There, mission Our grandma, Maria Quesada always believes in family, culture, and tradition. The story of the Philippines is one of passion, desire, rebellion, and the pursuit of identity. We aim to change the way we look at Filipino cuisine - not only are the flavors enticing and bold, but they form a window into the soul of a beautiful culture that is forever part of the American fabric.

Before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, the native diet in the region consisted of fresh fish, vegetables, and rice. The Spanish influence and regional trade routes brought more diversity to the cuisine, some of it intentional, much of it by necessity. The last 400 years has given rise to a wonderful tapestry of flavor, ingredients, and culinary pride as each of the major populated regions of the Philippines began to shape the styles and trends that we draw upon today. With Kusina, we aim to bring this unique world of Filipino flavor to the people of America.

Now I am not the type of person to try very exotic cuisine, I am not a person that is up for pickled squid or anything like that… I do like to try new types of foods just nothing too out there. I was very fortunate to be able to try an assortment of Kusina, frozen Filipino Cuisine. Have to admit I was a little concerned at first.. basically because I have never tried  Filipino food before, would it be spicy would it be too odd for my family to want to eat. I am happy to say we were very impressed with Kusina, frozen Filipino Cuisine, it was a great variety of new flavors that my family loved.

Here is what we had the chance to try:

Chicken Lumpia: So tasty it’s hard to believe they’re lowfat!* Our crispy Chicken Lumpia are a hearty and flavorful Filipino twist on traditional Asian eggroll and spring roll recipes. We’ve stuffed spiced chicken and crunchy vegetables into a light, crispy artisan wrapper for a heavenly taste treat that’s ready in just 10 minutes. Serve them as an appetizer, a snack or even a light entrée! *Lower fat content than the leading national brand

The Chicken Lumpia and the Vegetable Lumpia were both easy to make and delicious. Each reminded me of a spring roll. What I liked the most was the serving size, the box was filled with 8 spring rolls the perfect side dish or appetizer size for my family. I loved the flaky crust it was divine. 
You’ll love our traditional take on Pancit Bihon (rice noodles), balanced with a luscious mix of spiced chicken, crunchy vegetables and our delectable, signature Filipino Stir Fry Sauce. One mouthful will tell you why Filipino cuisine brings together the best of Asian fusion. It’s a perfect lowfat anytime meal, ready in minutes from our kitchen to yours.

 The Pancit Bihon, was my absolute favorite~ The rice noodles had just the right amount of flavor. To me this reminded me of the insides of an egg roll just a lot more. This was unique and delicious.

" Food connoisseurs worldwide study the secrets of the Philippines for the tastiest pork recipes – with the Adobo cooking style as the most famous example. A fusion of Moroccan influence with an Asian twist, our Adobo features lean, skillet-seasoned pork marinated in a tangy blend of vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and black pepper for a luscious entrée over rice."
The Pork Adobo was my husbands favorite, he is an adobo fan, and the mixture of the pork and the adobo was a great combination. It was salty and tasty (for those who do not know what adobo, it a pretty salty spice that works well with many meats) the meat was so very tender and melt in your mouth good.
Spanish settlers brought their delectable empanadas to the Philippines, enhancing them with fresh local ingredients. Our Chicken Empanadas perfect this fusion with a tender baked (not fried) crust and a savory/sweet filling that features antibiotic-free chicken, raisins and vegetables with an artful blend of enlivening spices. Ideal for the lunchbox or an anytime snack!
My daughter just adored the Chicken Empanadas these were filled with a lightly spiced meat. The outer shell had a sweeter taste, that really complemented the filling.

So if you would like to try something that is different (but not too different) I would highly suggest picking up some Kusina, frozen Filipino Cuisine meals. Your family will surely love these great meals. They are quick to make and are great for a working mom like me. I could have a tasty dinner on the table in a matter of minutes! 

Buy it:

You can purcahse Kusina at Safeway & Von's on the west coast and Whole Foods in Northern California. Soon to be available in the North East (New England Area) and Seattle.

For more information about Kusina, frozen Filipino Cuisine make sure to follow them on Facebook.  

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