Friday, May 24, 2013

Plan An Affordable Trip to the Magic Kingdom

Everyone loves the idea of going to Disneyland, Disney World or a Disney Cruise for a family vacation; but most know that family vacations, whether they be to the “Happiest Place on Earth” or even Walla walla, Washington could cost you a pretty penny. However, just because it could cost you a dime to take a family vacation doesn’t mean that it has to! There are a few ways to trim your budget and still take your family to an unforgettable trip to Disneyland. If you need a few ideas to inspire an affordable trip to the Magic Kingdom, here are a few suggestions you may want to consider. 

Vacation Packages
If you do your research, you may be able to find an affordable Disney Vacation package that’s both affordable and offers a variety of amenities. Nevertheless, the prices of these deals tend to change throughout the year.

It’s very important to identify what the off-season is, that way, you can purchase your vacation package at a reasonable price. Most of these vacation packages require a credit cards to purchase, so if you don’t have one, check online for the best credit card rate. If you're a student, there's also a few sites that could help you get credit cards to help pay for this vacation. 
One of the biggest expenditures you can make on your trip is food, especially in theme parks. Whatever you buy inside Disneyland, or any other park for that matter, could end up costing you three times more than the food outside of the park! There’s an easy fix to this: eat outside of theme parks.
Most Disney parks have surrounding hotels and restaurants built for those who would like alternatives to food and lodging provided by Disneyland. So feel free to leave the park (they always let you back in) and walk across the street to a McDonald’s, Mimi’s Cafe or Denny’s to fill up for the day.

If you are planning on eating in the park, make sure to do so during lunch hours. Several restaurants designed for families usually have menus that change during the day, becoming more costly at night, making it more cost efficient to only buy lunch in the park.

Also, buying lunch in the park could keep you satisfied throughout the day. If you get hungry, you could always buy a snack at night during a fireworks or light show. Most snack vendors, whoever, only take cash. A good idea before entering the park is to have cash at hand instead of withdrawing money from ATMs in the park. It may save you from paying annoying bank fees.
Snacks could also be expensive if you have a big family, and Disney knows this, this is why, unlike many theme parks, they allow their visitors to bring outside food and drinks (non-alcoholic). So, if you don’t want to spend too much money on food, you could always bring trail mixes, granola bars and waters for your family.

Always be checking for discounts on ticket prices! This could be a huge money saver for the average family of four. Subscribe to Disney newsletters, Disney-related discount websites, your auto insurance company or even your job for discounts.

Insurance agencies like AAA offer their members wonderful vacation packages and tickets for a much lower price than the theme park itself. If you work for the City, County or a government agency, there’s probably discount tickets available for all employees. Take advantage of these savings!
Whether you’re looking to take your family on vacation to beautiful Southern California to visit Disneyland or perhaps Disneyworld in sunny Florida, makes sure to always look for opportunities to save on your vacation. 

This way, you and your family could enjoy these vacations a lot more often than if you were to splurge on one vacation every few years. Take the reins of your own vacation and plan an affordable, trip of a lifetime.

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