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The Tropical Flavors of the South Pacific enjoy Magnolia Ice Cream a great treat!

 Do you love ice cream? For me it is one of the ultimate sweet treats. It is indulgent, creamy goodness. Have you ever tried tropical ice cream? Well you have to try it, tropical ice cream is the ultimate way to have ice cream. Magnolia has a great line of tropical ice cream that you and your family will love. Here is a little more information about Magnolia from the website:

In 1969, the beach party starts, and Ramar Foods begins to innovate tropical ice cream and Filipino cuisine for American audiences. Magnolia Tropical Ice Cream is one of the original Ramar creations. made in Northern California since 1972, with genuine California milk and the finest fruit, Magnolia offers a taste of pure paradise. Magnolia Ice Cream is made in the USA with Real Tropical Fruits from the South Pacific and Hormone-Free California Milk. Keeping our 40+ year tradition of High Quality Tropical Ice Cream alive, Magnolia® is made from 100% Real Imported Fruit Puree's from South-East Asia, and Real Milk resulting in a taste you cannot compare. 

My family was very fortunate to be able to try out a variety of tropical ice creams from Magnolia including:

Inspired by avocado shakes - the legendary Filipino tropical treat - and made with North American avocadoes, our rich ice cream is so super creamy that your taste buds will totally bliss out.
Avocado ice cream? Hmm now this is different that is for sure.  I love avocado as a dip or on my burgers or tacos, but ice cream? Well why not (I have heard of avocado cheesecake, so anything is possible) it just may work. The sweet and creamy flavor worked well with the avocado, it was a light flavor that was sweet and got high marks from my family.

Coconut- it's the ultimate tropical taste sensation from the Philippines, one of the world's largest coconut producers. Subtle, creamy and sweet, our rich Coconut ice cream brings the tropics to a bowl near you.
Now I know coconut and ice cream are a great match. I have had coconut ice-cream many times in the past, but the Magnolia version was the creamiest and most flavorful I have ever had. This was my absolute favorite! It had just the right amount of coconut, and was not filled with coconut shavings like others I have had. Here is the coconut ice cream paired with apple pie, they worked so well together!

Lychee, an aromatic tropical fruit with sweet nectar inside, creates a rich ice cream that's surprisingly bright. Each creamy spoonful will hit you like a wave of intense tropical flavor.
Now this was a new experience, my family and I have never tried a lychee before. This seems to be a fruit that is getting more popular, when we watch the food network there is always someone making something with the lychee.  This was a very light flavor ice cream, the lychee had a mild flavor that went well in the ice cream.

The Philippines grow the world's most delicious mangoes, so we combine their silky sweetness with the richness of real cream. One spoonful will take you to a tropical place.
What is better than sweet ripe mango? Well nothing really I think it is the world’s most perfect fruit. Well one thing that could make it better would be to make it in ice-cream form, and that is what Magnolia has done. This ice cream is wonderful, you could just close your eyes and you feel like you are biting into some fresh mango, it is amazing.

Purple Yam
The tropics are full of surprises, and our Purple Yam ice cream is one of them. It might sound crazy, but you won't believe how addictive the subtle/sweet flavor can be.
This reminded me of a sweet potato of sorts, similar but not the same. Hmm I would describe it as a frozen sweet potato pie without the spices. It had a sweet flavor that I loved. Unfortunately my daughter was not a fan, too strong of a flavor for her. But my husband and I loved the complex and unique flavor.

Thai Tea
Experience the rich flavor of Thailand in our special blend of Thai Tea and sweet cream. You don't have to be on a Thai beach to enjoy it, but you'll feel like you are.
Tea ice cream, ahh a match made in heaven. Think of adding milk to your tea, a creamy tea flavored delight. I was lucky to even get a taste, my husband loved this so much he nearly devowored the pint in one sitting. This was a great cool flavor, that was a sweet chai tea that was great in ice-cream form.
We were also able to try the ice cream bars, that were the same flavors as the pints. They were portable treats that were just as great as the pints. Overall we loved the different flavors, was this the vanilla, or chocolate ice cream you usually get? No, it is an entirely different experience. But different is good, time to step outside of the box, you may just find something you will love. So if you are looking for unique flavors, that pop and are amazing, I would highly recommend tropical ice cream from Magnolia.  The flavors are different, but not so different that you would find them strange. Magnolia tropical ice cream is available at select stores, make sure to check out the store locator to find a store near you. Your family will love these cold treats, I know my family did.
Buy it:
You can purchase Magnolia Ice Cream at select stores, make sure to visit the store locator for a location near you.
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Liz Mays said...

Ok, I need to try the purple yam and lychee. They're just so out there that they need to be eaten!

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...

What an intriguing line of ice creams! The Tai Chi sounds like it would be my favorite too and I'd also love to try the other flavors as well especially the avocado and coconut. I'll have to see if I can find these in my area.

tm said...

These look really cool. I have to get the avocado one for my husband because it will be funny to see his reaction. He loves avocados and I always say that they are "premium foods" and tease him, so he'll get a kick out of seeing it in this form.

Pam said...

THose look really good. I am not sure if they sell those in our area, but I am going to check!

Unknown said...

I would each those Lychee and Mango ice creams in one sitting! They all look delicious though.

Texas Type A Mom said...

I'll definitely be on the lookout for the coconut - yum!

Jennifer S. said...

Whoa... what??? How have I not heard of this! I am obsessed with all things ice cream! I really hope that store locator gives me good results, because these look too cool.

Dawn Lopez said...

Oh wow, those look awesome! I need to get my hands on some of the Avocado and Purple Yam.. you have my curiosity very piqued!

Andrea Kruse said...

Oh, my! Those flavors do sound amazing. I am a bit of a coconut fan and would dive into that flavor (head first!) first. Nice to see some Lychee flavored products here in the states, too. I hope they expand into my area soon.

Crissy said...

Wow, I've never heard of this brand. The flavors look out of this WORLD! I'd love to try some.

MrsAshley said...

Wow, what crazy flavors!! I would love to try those!

Magnolia Ice Cream USA said...

Thank you sweet Susan for sharing your family's experience with Magnolia Ice Cream! Your thoughtful and delicious post made us want ice cream for breakfast! :)
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
Tropically yours,
Magnolia Ice Cream USA

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

Wow, those are some crazy flavors!!

Lynsey @MoscatoMom said...

I havent even HEARD of this!! AVOCADO!?! NO WAY!! That is awesome!!

Unknown said...

I really have to try this avocado ice cream now just out of curiosity, LOL! They have some great sounding flavors.

BrettBMartin said...

Fun packaging- I LOVE it! Thai tea sounds delicious to me

Unknown said...

The coconut ice cream sounds amazing!

Kristyn said...

mmmmmmm...all of those flavors sound delicious and i want some now lol

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