Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Thursday I was up bright and early and off to Epcot to buy my Premiere Annual Pass, I can finally say I'm an AP holder and it feels good. I can go and come as I please....the only issue is that Philadelphia and WDW are about 1,000 miles apart! But since we're going to Disneyland this June and back to WDW in October a premiere AP was the most logical option for a ticket. Once I plunked down almost $900.00 for my ticket I was off to Test Track to see what was done to one of my favorite rides in all of WDW. To sum it up in one word my thoughts of the new Test Track......AWFUL! They took a perfect (I know it didn't always work but just go with me) and Tron'd it up and made it so futuristic that it makes no sense anymore. Test Track let's you know by the name of the ride what you could expect out of it, you will be “testing” cars and putting them through their paces to see how they perform. Now it's just blue lights and not much else. It was horrible, awful, disappointing, deflating, aggravating, irritating and just plain STUPID. I understand WDW isn't a museum and things need to change and evolve for all of our benefit, I get that and I agree with it. But Test Track wasn't in need of a major overhaul, it needed work (and it still does, most of the screens and graphics weren't working), just fix what was broken in the old ride and people would have been happy.

 I'm generally impressed with what Imagineering does but this time they dropped the ball. After my great disappointment I was off to wander the World Showcase to kill time before lunch at Le'Cellier. I took the chance to do the American Adventure show since I don't get to do it that often, with an 8 year old it's hard to get her to do shows that last long, she likes the Carousel of Progress but that's it. I like the American Adventure, I like the story it tells and how we as a country rise up from hardships to overcome adversity, but I did have to chuckle when you see Lance Armstrong in the might be time for a new video fellas. After the show I strolled around the World Showcase and headed off to Le'Cellier for lunch. I've been to WDW 15 times and all 15 times I've been able to eat as Le'Cellier and that's a streak I'm not looking to end anytime soon. It is expensive considering it was lunch ($65.00 with tip for 1 person) but worth every penny in my opinion, my steak was delicious and the cheddar cheese soup is worth the price of admission. Funny thing is the reaction I got from the people sitting next to me, it was like they never saw a single person eating lunch and were looking at me like I had 2 heads. I eat quickly and was done with lunch in just under a half hour so I was able to get away from the odd looks I was getting from my neighbors.

More to come! Stay tuned!

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