Monday, June 10, 2013

Enjoy a magical trip to OZ, with OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL ON BLU-RAY 6/11!

I am so excited to see this movie on DVD, a fantasy movie that the whole family will love! Are you excited? Oz the Great and Powerful in finally out on dvd!

On June 11th, return to the spectacular land of Oz with Disney's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL on Blu-ray Combo Pack! This epic adventure comes to life with vibrant picture and sound and includes an impressive variety of never-before-seen bonus material including "The Magic of 'Oz The Great and Powerful' Second Screen Feature," James Franco's personal story of his journey to the land of Oz produced and directed by Franco himself, Mila Kunis' makeup metamorphosis and much more!

New To Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital and On-Demand - June 11, 2013

BURBANK, Calif. May 1, 2013 — Disney’s “Oz The Great and Powerful” will once again provide audiences with a magical entertainment experience when it debuts for in-home release on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD, Digital and On-Demand, June 11, 2013.

A must-own for any home entertainment collection, the Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) of “Oz The Great and Powerful” brings the epic adventure to life with its vibrantly colorful picture and sound, and boasts a sensational variety of never-before-seen bonus materials including: “The Magic of ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ Second Screen Feature” that provides viewers with an immersive opportunity to journey into the fantastical lands of Oz; James Franco’s personal story of his journey to the land of Oz that is produced and directed by the Oscar® nominated star himself; Golden Globe® nominee Mila Kunis’ makeup metamorphosis which is hosted by Academy Award®-winning makeup artist Howard Berger; A back-stage journey through each of the visual effects process that brought China Girl to life including an interview with Joey King; and much more. Additionally, all Blu-ray and DVD products include a digital copy of the film allowing consumers to watch “Oz The Great and Powerful” at home, in their car, and/or anywhere they go.

Bonus Features:


  The Magic of “Oz The Great and Powerful” (Second Screen Experience) - An immersive Second Screen experience that details all things Oz.  From an interactive map full of secrets and surprises, to an inside look at the spectacular world of Oz. All fans need to do is download the special “The Magic of Oz The Great and Powerful: Second Screen” App (which is free and currently available for immediate download at the iTunes Store for iPads) which provides fans with infinite opportunities to remain connected to their favorite film, its cast of characters and to dive deeper into the magical world of Oz. This App provides exclusive access to invigorating and exclusive content including:

  The Enchanting Characters and Creatures of Oz - From Munchkins and Tinkers to good witches, bad witches, and flying baboons, this piece follows each character and creature of the Land of Oz from inspiration to final outcome.

  The Sounds of Magical Oz - What adds fragility to the sounds of China Girl's footsteps; ferocity to the tornado; or weight to the flutter of Finley's flapping wings?

  Sleight of Hand: Zach Braff Puppet Theater - Actor, and voice of Finley, Zach Braff introduces viewers to the Finley mockup.

  Mariah Carey Music Video


  My Journey in Oz by James Franco - A personal story produced and directed by James Franco.

  Mr. Elfman’s Musical Concoctions - An interview with composer Danny Elfman unveils his inspiration in scoring “Oz The Great And Powerful.”

  China Girl and the Suspension of Disbelief - This feature uncloaks the several forms of movie magic employed to bring China Girl to life, from the initial artwork and character design, to the on-set puppeteering during filmmaking, and finally, through each stage of the visual-effects process; and includes an interview with Joey King, the voice of China Girl.

  Before Your Very Eyes: From Kansas to Oz - Production designer Robert Stromberg takes viewers through the set design of the Land of Oz, from sketching his original ideas on a napkin, through to the final set pieces and the accompanying visual effects.

  Mila’s Metamorphosis - Lead makeup artist Howard Berger expands on one of the oldest, most tried-and-true forms of movie magic: makeup design and effects.

  Walt Disney and the Road to Oz - It is well known that Walt Disney had a fascination with the Land of Oz since he was a child.  See how that fascination grew into inspiration as he began planning for his own adaptation of the stories in the classic Baum books.

Our Take:

Have you ever dreamt of a magical world, a world with such wonder that you wish you could actually visit? Well OZ is that type of place. I am sure most of you all, took the first journey to OZ when you watched the original classic “The Wizard of OZ”. But did you ever wonder how the wizard became the wizard? Well the newly released Disney version of OZ gives you the an answer to all of the questions you have always had about this L. Frank Baum classic.  I recently sat down and enjoyed “Oz the Great and Powerful” with my daughter. My daughter has not seen the classic movie, and the Disney “Oz the Great and Powerful”, is her first glimpse of the wonderful world of OZ.

I have to say I have always wondered, who was the wizard and how did he become this all powerful wizard that ruled OZ? Why is the wicked witch so wicked? What was OZ like before Dorothy visited?  Well OZ looked just as nice as you remembered, but there are a few new characters that are great additions to the story.   
My daughter just loved Finley they fling monkey (it was nice having a flying monkey that was cute, and not scary) he was the loveable sidekick of the Wizard. And of course my daughter now wants a china girl doll of her own. I loved how the doll seemed so real, as if she was really alive, the special effects were great.  James Franco made a believable and loveable (if not a little self-centered) wizard.  The girls made great witches, I don’t want to tell you much more than that, so no spoilers here…. This movie will keep your entertained, with the great colors and amazing backdrops.  The new story was fun, and enjoyable.

We both enjoyed the featurette, Walt Disney and the Road to Oz it was informative and just enjoyable to watch. My daughter loves watching the bloopers in dvd, and this was no exception she giggled at the funny bloopers of the cast.  If you are looking for a movie that the whole family will love, I highly recommend seeing Oz the Great and Powerful. I would recommend this for ages 6 and up, some of the scenes might frighten kids that are any younger than that.  If you are a diehard classic OZ fan or if you are new to the story all together  this is a movie you will love.  My family and I are going to visit Disneyland later this month and I hope they have something special for OZ there I would love to see it.

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Liz @ Woof Woof Mama said...

I'm super excited to get my hands on this all the bonus materials they are including!

Dede said...

I am so looking forward to seeing this! Unfortunately we rarely see movies in the theater (no babysitter) but on DVD......definitely!

Jeannette said...

My son cannot wait until this comes out tomorrow. I think he has been counting down for weeks. We will definitely be seeing it!

Unknown said...

We watched that last night! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Childhood memories were freed!

Jen lleras said...

it was so good, I loved it!!! I cant wait to buy this on blue ray

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