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Maple Farms Offers Kickstarter Backers First Chance at New Gourmet Infused Product Lines Maple Syrup Like You've Never Seen It Before

Maple Farms Offers Kickstarter Backers First Chance
at New Gourmet Infused Product Lines
Maple Syrup Like You've Never Seen It Before

Lake Placid, NY - Deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Maple Farms stands among towering old-growth Red and Sugar Maple trees that produce some of the finest, all-natural maple syrup in the world.

Using innovative techniques created over years of experimenting, Maple Farms has created over a dozen different flavors of infused maple syrup, cream and candy using fresh, farm-raised fruit and award-winning, craft liquors from small batch distillers and is committed to producing distinctive gourmet maple products.

Maple Farms syrup is naturally infused with organic fruits from local farms during the condensation from sap to syrup and then again upon bottling. Their top-secret double infusion process naturally preserves the fruit in Maple Farms’ sweet, sticky pure Adirondack amber maple syrup and packs in more rich fruit flavor than anyone knew existed!

Their line of Liquor Infused Maple Syrups are actually reverse infused, by barrel aging 100% Pure Adirondack Medium Amber syrup in oak casks previously used by some of the region's most award winning, small batch distillers including Berkshire Mountain Distillers and Finger Lakes Distillery. They have also mixed it up a bit and threw in some underground favorites like Eastside and New Deal Distilling from Portland, Oregon. The syrup is barrel aged for four to six months in climate controlled temperatures to draw out all the natural flavors locked deep inside the oak. Then it is bottled in ornate, swing-top glass flasks, triple sealed and wax dipped to keep all those delicious flavors inside.

Not even available on the market yet, Maple Farms will launch its official Kickstarter Campaign and offer backers the first chance to receive their gourmet maple products on May 15, 2013.

And the rewards are sweet!

Pledge $10 - 3oz (8-10 pieces) of our infused maple candy. Backer picks the flavor; Maple Farms will make it with love.

Pledge $25 - Any 12.5oz Fruit Infused Maple Syrup or 8.5oz Barrel Aged Liquor Infused Maple Syrup. Infused with more flavor than you ever thought possible!

Pledge $45! Any 34oz Fruit Infused Maple Syrups or our 17oz Barrel Aged Liquor Infused Maple Syrups.

Pledge $65 - Jelly Jar Gift Basket with choice of 12.5oz Fruit Syrups or 8.5oz Liquor Syrups and one Gourmet Pancake & Waffle Mixes.

Pledge $80 - A WHOLE GALLON of The Original Pure Adirondack Amber Maple Syrup.

Pledge $100- Market Gift Basket with choice of Maple Syrup, Candy, and 2 Pancake & Waffle Mixes

Pledge $225 - BREAKFAST IN BED! Seriously, Maple Farms will come to Backer and make the best breakfast they've ever had by the best breakfast guys in the business!

Pledge  $350 - Membership to Maple Farms Club. A new flavor each month? 12 Months of Blueberry? Raspberry and Bourbon alternating every third Sunday? No problem.

Pledge $480 - Reserve Maple Syrup Club. Each month Maple Farms makes a limited release of seasonal flavors -- Eastside Distilling's Cherry Whiskey; Sons of Liberty Summer Citrus & October Pumpkin Bourbon; WhistlePig Farms Rye; and Tuthilltown Baby Bourbon Maple Syrups. Be the first to get them.

Pledge $990  - Spend Maple Weekend with Maple Farms! Stay in their favorite local bed & breakfast and experience maple syruping first hand. Help collect sap, boil, infuse, try maple donuts and enjoy all the festivities. *Not free in March? - stop by for a hike through the Adirondacks in the summer, skiing in the winter, or leaf and harvest season in the fall!

Pledge $2,450 – Maple Farms will name its One Year Anniversary Syrup After YOU! Live forever in the chronicles of maple syrup history. They have a reserve bourbon barrel they've been aging syrup in since they first started that they plan to open to kick off their 2014 Maple Sugaring Season. Leaves will fall, beavers and moose will acknowledge you when you pass, Canadians will be envious. Naturally they'd want you there for the opening and the first taste, so you also get the Trip and the Reserve Club Membership. They'll even throw in the barrel, wood burned with your name on it, to show off to all your friends.


         Each item is available in Adirondack Apple, Going Banana, Wild Maine Blueberry, Cape Cod Cranberry, North Fork Peach, Rhode Island Raspberry and Strawberry fruit infusions as well as Amaretto, Berkshire Mountain Bourbon, Finger Lakes Brandy, Spiced Rum from New England Distilling and Espresso, Hazelnut, and Irish Cream liqueur infusions. Syrups range in price from $3.95 (20z), $23.95 (12.5oz fruit/8.5oz liquor) and $49.95 (34oz/17oz liquor).  The maple creams come in two sizes - 8oz and 16oz for $9.95/$17.95. And the maple candy comes in the 3oz and 8oz sizes for $3.95/$9.95.

         The pancake and waffle comes mixes come in seven gourmet varieties -  Strawberry Shortcake, Almond Raspberry Crumble, Peach Cobbler, Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie, Cinnamon & Sugar Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Banana Bread and Cinnamon Apple Crisp, all inspired by their partner fruit farms and each retailing for $9.95. 

I was able to try out some samples of this great syrup. Fruit infused,  Strawberry Infused, raspberry infused, and liquor infused  Amaretto, and Hazelnut $3.95 each

If you are looking for a syrup that is different and stands out from the rest, I would recommend flavor infused syrup from Maple Farms. We had a breakfast dinner last night (we like to shake it up a bit and have breakfast foods for dinner at times) we made pancakes to enjoy with the Maple Farms syrups. The strawberry was my daughters favorite, it was light but had a great sweet flavor.
The raspberry had a great berry flavor, that worked well with the maple flavor. I was really looking forward to trying the alcohol infused flavors, and they did not disappoint.
I loved the hazelnut the best, it reminded me of hazelnut coffee, it was delicious. If you are looking for a different syrup, I would highly recommend purchasing some of these exotic flavor syrups from Maple Farms.

Maple Farms  is having a Kickstarter program to  raise money for make sure to check it out here, there are only 3 more days left to collect! 

Buy it:

Visit Maple Farms to purcahse 

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