Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Truffol Aluminum-Leather Fusion Phone Cases

Are you looking for a stylish case for your phone? A case that not only protects, but looks great? If you have an Iphone 5 well I have a case suggestion for you, why not try a great case from Truffol, here is a little more information about the company from the website: 

Truffol emerged from a rich background in the manufacturing of luxury timepieces. We have years of combined experience with sophisticated assembly processes and a wide array of precision technology. Through countless years of collaborations with luxury brands, we have mastered the art in creating fine luxury. Truffol was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Redefining luxury phone cases. Introducing the Signature and the Voyage, for the iPhone 5.

I was fortunate to be able to try out the Classic Iphone cover: To those who prefer a more elegant look and complete protection for the phone, this Classic variant provides a full enclosure with a touch of fine Italian cowhide. MSRP $75 USD.

 I was the person who didn't really care about having the latest phones or gadgets, I figured we already had one in our family we don't need two! Heck up until a few month's ago I couldn't even text on my phone or surf the internet. It all changed with a couple of trips where I needed the services of a smart phone and to be able to text and surf the net.....I'm now finally up to speed with the rest of the world! Now what to do with my now trusty iPhone? 

Do I just throw caution to the wind and let it go naked and take my chances? I'm not a big risk taker and I notice an awful lot of people with smashed screens and once the screen is smashed well it kind of ruins the look of the phone. I understand it's still “usable” but is it really? Do you really want to watch a video or play a game with a million cracks in your screen? 

 My new phone needed something to protect it from everything. That's when I discovered a case that does all that and looks like a million bucks too. The Truffol case for the iPhone 5 is the case of all cases. Why wrap your expensive phone in a cheap case that probably wouldn't protect it if you dropped it into a bag of packing peanuts?

 Do it with style and luxury do it with a Truffol case or bumper cover. Either way your phone will look elegant and sleek and will be protected from what you throw at it in the course of a day. Here is your chance to protect your phone with a case made from Italian leather on the outside and aluminum on the inside. Durable and sturdy yet sleek and sexy, what more could you want? We're not just talking run of the mill leather here, this leather is Italian leather and looks so smooth and feels so good to the touch that you know someone with a true talent made that case. You can tell many man hours went into the craftsmanship of these cases. You truly get what you pay for.

If you're worried about adding bulk to your phone stop worrying! The Truffol case and bumper only add a mere 1.3 mm of thickness so the phone will not look or feel clunky. Putting the case or bumper on the phone was a snap literally my phone just snapped right into the case! I always thought my husband was crazy when he would get cases for his new phones and would spend a lot of money on them, I would always just let my phone go au natural. 

And now I know why he did it and to his method of not cheaping out on covers he still has every iPhone he's ever owned dating back to the iPhone 3 he got on launch day many years ago and it still looks brand new. I've learned my lesson why wrap an expensive phone with a cheap poorly made case or nothing at all? You made an investment into an expensive gadget go the extra mile and get yourself the case of all cases the Truffol case is the case you want and need to protect your investment.

Buy it:

You can purcahse your own Truffol case on the website

Truffol is holding a great giveaway make sure to check it out, you could win a phone case. Good luck!  

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Marysa said...

Looks like a great case!

Simply Being Mommy said...

Such a nice phone cover. I'll have to check them out.

Kristyn said...

I really like how slim the case is!

Jinxy and Me said...

Love that case! I just upgraded to the iPhone 5 this week and am looking for something new. Thank!

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