Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank a fun family event! #WWE #WWEMoms @WWEmoms

Mayhem, chaos and fun are the best words used to describe our past night. What did we do that night? We were lucky enough to attend the WWE pay per view Money in the Bank at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 
Being that my husband has been an avid fan of wrestling for the better part of his entire life when I told him we had the opportunity to attend a pay per view he was like a kid on Christmas morning. 
All the live shows he has attended over the years the one thing he never got to do was to attend a pay per view in person and being that the WWE is  a great product for the whole family the chance for him to share this with our daughter was important to him. She’s a girl but she’s being “raised the right way” according to my husband she likes wrestling, video games and Star Wars. The poor kid never stood a chance.
We live in the shadow of the Wells Fargo Center so we walked to the arena (it literally is a 10 minute walk from our house) and were met with one of the longest lines I’ve ever seen for anything! 
The doors to the arena hadn’t opened yet so the lines were MASSIVE. I kept taking note of all the families in line and how this is a different crowd then when I first started dating my husband and he would bring me to the old ECW arena where it was mostly 20 to 30 years old guys who just wanted carnage. Wrestling fans still like carnage but it’s a lot more cleaned up now than it used to be. 
My daughter made sure to point out to her father that she saw more people wearing John Cena t-shirts then people with CM Punk t-shirts (he’s a Punk guy) people are allowed to like who they like he told her….even if who they like is wrongJ! I’ve learned never to argue with a wrestling fan about who they like or dislike it’s a losing argument.

Once inside the arena we made it to our seats and we had a pretty good vantage point my husband went for food and a shirt and came back almost a half hour later. He was on the hunt for the special Rob Van Dam shirt printed specifically for the pay per view and couldn’t find his size and ran all over the arena going from booth to booth and could only get a 2X shirt which he gladly bought. 
We found out that they totally sold out of every shirt before the show even started! He was happy with his tent like shirt, he’s a medium and the shirt on him is an absolute riot! 
But he’s an avid RVD fan so much so he owns a Boba Fett figure that was a part of RVD’s personal collection making it his perfect collectible it’s ”Boba Fett from RVD what more could I want?” The chants for Mr. Van Dam were loud and plentiful and I know my husband was excited to see him back where he belonged and making his comeback in Philadelphia where he really made his mark was equally as cool.

The show itself was phenomenal, the two Money in the Bank matches just go to show you how athletic these guys and gals are and to do what they normally do in a match and add ladders to the equation was just insane. From the opening match of the Shield versus the Uso’s to the Diva’s match to the Miz versus Curtis Axel and John Cena versus Mark Henry this card was loaded from top to bottom the Money in the Bank matches were like icing on the cake. 

The crowd was great, like I said there seemed to be a lot of families there and it was an element I wasn't afraid to expose my daughter to because I knew she wouldn't hear or see anything we would want her to see. And well seeing my husband spring up from his seat and going crazy along with 15,000 other’s when RVD’s music hit was funny…..and seeing that many people pointing their thumbs at themselves and saying Rob Van Dam was great. 

We had a blast and if you’re lucky enough to have a WWE event come to your city go and bring the whole family you’ll have a great time.  

Make sure to check out the WWE site to see when they are coming to your town next.

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Jennifer S. said...

My husband would just flip out to go to this!! Looks so fun!

Meagan Ivie said...

Looks like a great family outing!!!

Saidah said...

My kids would love to go see something like this. Great photos!!

Pam said...

I think my husband and son would have had the same reaction as your husband!

Dawn Lopez said...

Totally awesome! My son would FREAK for a chance to see WWE live! He is a huge John Cena fan! This looks like an amazing time!

tm said...

This looks like a lot of fun! My son is getting to the age where this would be a fun family events.

tm said...

PS - My husband just glanced at my screen and said that we NEED to go! :)

Melanie a/k/a Crazy Mom said...

Sure looked like you guys had a blast...loved the pictures....

Kristyn said...

this totally looks like a fun event my husband would love

Liz Mays said...

My dad used to just get such a kick out of all of this. Totally entertaining!

Stefani @ said...

This would be something my husband totally would enjoy. I remember watching wrestling when I was a kid and Jake The Snake being of of my favorites.

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