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Zeenie Dollz, new dolls with a great message!

Are you looking for a unique gift for a little girl in your life? A gift that has a great message, and is a lot of fun to play with. I would like to introduce you all to a great new doll company called Zeenie Dollz! Here is a little more information about these cool, fun new dolls from the website:

Saving the planet…that’s our style!™ Meet Zeenie™ Dollz, the powerful, stylish and vibrant eco-warriors. Each Zeenie, in addition to being a trendsetter, possesses a secret identity and unique eco-power that protects the earth. The new line of 12” dolls are made completely of recyclable, non-toxic plastics; even the packaging follows this theme – the shipping cylinder is also made of sustainable materials. Marketed toward young girls and eco-conscious parents, the dolls are fashionistas, donning the latest in groundbreaking style, but the Zeenies stand for much more. Each doll also brings to light an environmental cause that needs our attention.

Zennia leads the pack – the collector’s edition first doll in the series embodies Mother Earth, the protector of our planet. As the giver and sustainer of life on earth, Zennia is passionate about combating the evil anti-environment villains that threaten to destroy the world. To help her, Zennia is joined by a team of five eco-warrior fashionistas: Evee, Protector of the Skies and Defender against Pollution; Kazumi, Guardian of the Polar Regions and Defender against Global Warming; Lina, Defender of the Rainforest and Defender against Deforestation; Sini, Overseer of Farmland and Defender of Mistreated and Abused Animals; and Yana, Protector of the Oceans and Defender of Marine Conservation. Together, the Zeenie Dollz bring education and a green outlook to the toy industry.

Zeenie Dollz are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), completely recyclable materials that are non-toxic. The packaging also follows suit to the sustainable message; the shipping cylinder is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). In addition to their sustainability, the Zeenie Dollz also come standard with 12 ball joints offering much more flexibility and movement during play time.

Meet the five Zeenie Dollz Girls:

Kazum,  Protects the Polar Regions environments and loves to go skiing and playing in the snow.
Sini , Protector of Animals & Pets in her Green Farm Animal Rescue Environment.
Lina, Loves nature, trees, and the Rainforest in her Rainforest Preservation Environment.
Evee, Loves a clean air environment.
Yana,  is the protector of the ocean & marine life animals.

My Review:

Saving the planet...that's our style! What a great saying! As a parent I try to instill a passion for philanthropy in my daughter, I feel this is an important to care for the environment and give back as much as you can. The Zeenie Dollz are dolls are designed to show young girls how rewarding it is to give to others. This doll encourages my daughter to use her imagination, love animals and have fun.  My daughter was able to check out the Sini doll, a doll whose passion is helping animals.

Welcome to my Green Farm  and Animal Rescue Environment I´m Sini and I´m a pet person! I love dogs and cats, but I also love all kinds of farm animals, like horses, cows, sheep, and pigs. Can you believe that some people don´t love animals? In fact, some people treat animals really badly! Well, I won´t stand for that. I´m working really hard to rescue abused animals and take care of them.  And you can help! My games and activities are dog-gone good fun and they´ll also teach you a bit about how you can help stop animal neglect and abuse.  Let´s get started! If you would like to know more about Sini you may by clicking here.

Much like Sini my daughter and I are pet people, it just comes naturally. We were both brought up in pet filled households that were also filled with love. I have always shown my daughter to give her time, and what she can to those in need especially animals who cannot help themselves. So Sini was a doll that is just like my daughter, she was a perfect match.  This is a wonderful company doing wonderful things teaching kids to love the environment, animals, and protect the world around them. I love that, each 12" doll is made of 100 percent sustainable materials and brings to light environmental causes that need our attention. A doll that is made from 100% sustainable materials? That is a wonderful thing.

 I have never had a doll like this, nor has my daughter.  My daughter loved playing school with her little friend Sini.  Her pink hair is so bright and vibrant, of course my pink loving daughter adored styling her long lovely pink hair. Sini also came with a little stuffed puppy that she takes care of. The doll is very stylish and the clothing is so cute! I loved the animal prints on her top and skirt, they remind you of her great message, to love and care for all animals.  This is such an innovative doll, who is fun to play with but also makes getting great messages like being kind to animals fun.  Each trendsetting Zeenie doll,  has a secret identity and an eco-power that protects our mother earth.  The website there are different things to do from sending cards to helping our Rain Forests, play fun games and puzzles.

I would suggest a Zeenie Dollz if you are looking for a great doll with a great message for your daughter, remember the holidays are coming up quick! They will be here before you know it! So why not pick up a doll for that special little girl on your holiday gift list this year? This doll will be unlike and other doll they have ever had, it is so very well made and the message that the doll sends is priceless! Price: $49.99 MSRP, age 6 and up. Make sure to visit the fun website, where you can meet the Z Girls, visit Z World, listen to Z Songs and much more!

For more information about new releases and more please like Zeenie Dollz on Facebook 

Buy it:

Zeenie Dollz retail for $49.99 and are exclusively available for purchase at and select retailers nationwide.

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Kelsey Apley said...

Those are cute dolls, I have not heard of them before!! My niece will love it!

Unknown said...

Those dolls are so stinking cute!!! I love their fashionable look! Plus they really do have a great message that comes with them. A fantastic gift for any little girl.

Ellen said...

I love that they are made from recycled materials and they are super cute too!

Angela said...

These dolls are so colorful and sassy. Super cute!

Maryann D. said...

These are wonderful dolls. Very pretty and I love the concept of teaching young children about protecting the planet in a fun way.
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