Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spine tingling terror and creepy camp are available now on dvd from Mill Creek Entertainment

Do you like scary movies? Well I sure do, it doesn’t have to be around Halloween time for me to get into the scary movie mood. I am always up for a good thriller.  I recently had the chance to review a set of scary classic movies from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Minneapolis, MN (August 15, 2013) This August, Mill Creek Entertainment, a recognized leader in value entertainment, is offering six horror movie collections featuring cult classics such as Carnival of Souls, White Zombie, Night of the Living Dead, and Don’t Answer the Phone along with many more movies that will trigger your inner most fears and phobias! These collections also include some of the greatest “must see” bad movies ever made like Eagah named in Michael Medved’s book “Fifty Worst Films of All Time” and Manos: The Hands of Fate featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 which turned this film into a b-movie favorite. 

Also featured in the wave of terror are films from renowned horror producers and directors such as Roger Corman, William Castle and Peter Carpenter and stars like Vincent Price, James Westermoreland, John Carradine, Peter Cushing, Mary Carlisle, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and many more. Each 12 movie set will be available for the terrifyingly low price of $9.98 SRP in August. At less than $1 per movie, these collections are a no brainer for the Halloween season.

I was very fortunate to be able to check out 2 of these great new dvd sets, available now.

Zombies Un-Brained – 12 Film Flesh Fest

Prepare for 12 delicious servings of gut-wrenching gore with this collection of frightening Zombie Films! Loaded with spine-tingling terror and stomach-squirming screams this 3 DVD set is gushing with gore and so much more. Featuring the masters of horror, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, this collection is sure to satisfy all your nightmare needs!

12 Films Include:
•Carnival of Souls
•Dead Men Walk
•Horror of the Zombies
•House of the Living Dead
•King of the Zombies
•The Last Man on Earth
•Night of the Living Dead
•Oasis of the Zombies
•The Snake People
•Teenage Zombies
•White Zombie

Our Take:

I am such a fan of horror movies. I just love a good scare. And a gory movie. Now I have to say these movies do not disappoint!  Oh the horror, and the gore! Zombies are all the rage these days, they are the horror icon of the times. It seems like they are all over tv, comics costumes, just everywhere.  Because this dvd, is filled with Zombie mayhem, I knew this was going to be a good one. I would recommend this movie set for any Zombie lover, a  person who loves a good scare, and a cool horror story lines.  These creepy movie sure kept me on the edge of my seat! Some were classics, I saw in the past, and got to enjoy again but some were new scares.

American Horror Stories - 12 Movie Set

Lock your doors and brace yourself for 12 terrifying tales of revenge, murder and madness! This 3 DVD collection spotlights the urban legends and horror stories that crept through the cracks of time to trigger our inner most fears and phobias. From mysterious mansions to sadistic scientist, this collection of American Horror Stories will test your terror tension!
12 Films Include:
•Don’t Answer the Phone
•Point of Terror
•House on Haunted Hill
•A Bucket of Blood
•Horror Express
•Little Shop of Horrors
•Nightmare Castle
•Silent Night, Bloody Night
•Bloody Pit of Horror
•The Driller Killer
•Don’t Look in the Basement
•Drive-In Massacre

Our Take:

Wow that is pretty impressive, there are some scary sounding movies on this list…but would the movies be as good as they seem? I could not wait to find out. I am a horror purest, I like the new gory movies, and the older non-gory classics. They are just fun to watch. A good scare can be fun especially around Halloween. And being September Halloween will be everywhere soon, it will be time to decorate and get out the scary movies! This dvd set, had some scary ones that is for sure!  House on Haunted Hill, was always a favorite of mine. It was a creepy premise I enjoyed the remake, but the original has a charm that I love.  So why not check out this dvd set when you get the urge for a good scare!

These are not family friendly dvd sets though. They are strictly for older teens and adults. Why not enjoy a scare after the kids are asleep. Overall the dvd sets were fun to watch, sure some may be a little older and a little campy but they are scary in their own right. The cost of these two sets cannot be beat, each are less than $10 making each movie just about $1.00 each. Where else can you get a few nights worth of entertainment for $10.00? If you are a horror movie fan, these new dvd sets are a must for your collection.

Buy it:

Each of these great sets and more are available on Amazon, Zombies Un-Brained – 12 Film Flesh Fest


American Horror Stories - 12 Movie Set 

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