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Clean the Unseen with Soniclean vacuum cleaners

Cleaning it is a must, it is something we all have to do. Is cleaning your house giving you issues? Well what if I told you there was a vacuum out there that cleans hardwood floors AND carpets? Well I would like to introduce you all to the Soniclean vacuum company, makers of Soniclean vacuum cleaners a vacuum like no other. Here is a little more information about the company from the website:

Clean the Unseen™ Soniclean vacuum cleaners perform like no other vacuum you have ever seen! Soniclean's patented sonic cleaning technology cleans at the rate of 12,000 vibrations per minute Ground-in dirt, pet hair, deep-down dust - they're no match for sonic cleaning technology that loosens then sucks it up… it's powerful, light, and incredibly flexible! The Soniclean Vacuum Cleaner owes its superior performance these innovative features!

Here are some of the great features, and facts:

• Patented Sonic cleaning technology
• 1200 sonic vibrations per second loosen deep, ground in dirt and dust
• Direct air motor design for superior suction
• Green technology high efficiency direct air Paramagnetic vacuum motor
• Uses 60% less electricity than many full size vacuums
• Patent pending Sonicfresh fragrance dispensing system
• Hospital-grade filtration from Seal-Tech HEPA filter bag
• Weighs Only 10.5 pounds
• Works great on both carpet and hard floors
• Sophisticated jam sensor technology
• Lays flat on the floor for easy cleaning under chairs, tables, and beds
• Indicator light alerts you when it is time to change your filter bag
• Ergonomic handle for comfort grip
• 35 ft. power cord with quick release cord holder
• 3 YEAR WARRANTY - on motor and parts.
4 easy payments of $49.95
Pay one and done! $199.80
FREE HandheldSteamer plus s&h
  • FREE Return Shipping
  •  3-Year Motor Warranty
  •  Incredibly light (only 10.5 pounds)
  •  Two separate modes for cleaning
  • •Sophisticated Jam Sensor Technology
  • Can lay flat to the floor

I have a small family, there is just the three of us, and our cat… with this small crew how does the carpet and the hardwood floors get so dirty so fast? Having hardwood floors and carpet on the first floor and carpet throughout  on the second floor, it seems like I am sweeping or vacuuming at the time just to keep it all clean.

I was very fortunate to be able to review the Soniclean VTplus S-200 and I could not wait to check it out, I was so excited. Excited for a vacuum cleaner? Yes I was excited, well as a working mom I am always looking for more time to spend with my family, and if a vacuum would help cut down on time I have to spend cleaning then that makes me excited.  The Soniclean vacuum comes with Seal Tech HEPA filter bags provide 99.97% filtration at 0.3 microns.  Sonicfresh fragrance dispensing system, and two separate modes for cleaning. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well of course my carpet needed some cleaning, I put away my old vacuum and broke out the Soniclean vacuum.  This was very easy to put together from the box, there were just a few steps (I am not that technical, and I had no issues putting this together, with no help from my husband needed) and I was off ready to clean.

The vacuum has such a strong sucking power, and we could actually see the dirt “vibrating” from the sonic cleaning power.  The suction was strong but not so strong that it make it difficult to maneuver, this was light and easy to operate. When vacuuming, the power was so great that I only had to pass over once to get the results I desired. I have been trying to get my daughter to help more around the house, and after checking out this vacuum I think she is going to help out more… She thought this was the coolest ever, and I think she just may be helping me out more in the future with the vacuuming.

As you can see it took one pass for the vacuum to be clean, see the distinct center clean part of  my carpet?

Ever almost run over a toy with the vacuum? Well that has happened to me many times, with other vacuums I have nearly broken the vacuum, and yes I mangled the toy. Luckily for us the Soniclean vacuum offers  advanced jam protection that shuts off the vacuum if something gets stuck. So mommy will not have to worry about vacuuming up a buddy or a rouge sock that is under the table.

Soniclean vacuum cleaners  are backed by 12 patents, they carpets at 12,000 vibrations per minute, dislodging and removing surface dirt and dust, it  goes deeper to remove microscopic particles embedded deep within the floor. These particles contain bacteria, allergens, and more. So this would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home especially if anyone in the house surfers with allergies.  The 35 foot (yes you read that right, 35 foot!) cord makes going from one end of the house to the other a breeze. There is no need to plug and unplug the cord from room to room since this is so long I was able to vacuum faster and more efficiently.
Of course I had to unplug when I vacuumed upstairs, but since this vacuum is only 10.5 pounds I was able to tote this upstairs and clean with ease.  I loved the way this cleaned my carpets, with the sonic cleansing I feel great knowing my carpets are being cleared from the gross microscopic parasites that may be lurking below.  My carpet is so very clean, I actually feel more comfortable sitting on my carpet, enjoying it more knowing it is amazingly clean.

With a simple click, the vacuum is ready to go from carpet cleaning to hard wood floor cleaning. Both options are cleaned well, and quickly. Are you looking to save energy as well? The Soniclean vacuum  uses 50% less electricity than many full size vacuums. That is a great thing, with all of the cleaning I do, to be able to save some $ on electricity that is a great plus for us.  This vacuum also has something that many other vacuums do not offer, the Sonicfresh Fragrance Dispensing  System.
 Soniclean's patented fragrance dispensing system releases a light scent of fresh folded laundry to keep your vacuum smelling fresh and clean. This had a nice light clean scent that filled the room while I vacuumed. I loved that I did not have to spray to freshen up the rooms, with the Sonicfresh I was able to vacuum and fill the room with a fresh scent as the same time. Each vacuum comes with one Sonicfresh pod, you can purchase 8 pods, a years’ worth for $19.99 with free shipping on the Soniclean site.
We were also able to check out the Soniclean Handheld Vacuum WITH attachments, shoulder strap, and tool bag - Get all the power of Soniclean in a convenient handheld vacuum. A variety of accessories help you clean all around the house, including: drapes, upholstery, stairs, in tight spaces - even your car. Lightweight, yet powerful, the Soniclean Handheld is ideal for quick pick-ups, dry spills and more.  This was a great way to clean under the dressers and in all of the crevices of the couch. Great for all of the hard to reach places, that can be a bug to clean.
Check out the great video showing how wonderful this vacuum works:

Over all I was very impressed with the Soniclean VTplus S-200, this is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had. And trust me I have had many many vacuums throughout my lifetime.  This cleans well, can go from hard wood (or linoleum.. whatever you have) to carpet in no time, and cleans with sonic power, a clean that is better than any other standard vacuum.

If you are looking for a great vacuum, that is affordable, they even offer a payment plan! For only four payments of $49.95 a Soniclean vacuum could be yours. Or if you would like you could pay the onetime payment of $199.80.  The Soniclean vacuum cleaner is a quality product from a company that stands behind their products. They have Lifetime Warranty on the belts because they believe they bests are something that will last, and not need replacing. This vacuum also offers a three year warranty on the motor and parts.

Buy it:
You can purchase this wonder online on the Sonicleanvacuum cleaners site
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Angela said...

A good vacuum cleaner is an absolute must! I am glad to learn that this one is so lightweight and has a long cord.

Liza @ Views From the 'Ville said...

I have bad allergies and a vacuum like this sounds like a great cleaning tool to help get rid of more dust and allergens. I love that it has hospital-grade filtration with the Seal-Tech HEPA filter bag!

Shanna said...

With 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 three year old, we need a good vacuum! This sounds awesome!

Unknown said...

We one large dog and 3 messy kids I am always sweeping my hardwood floors and they still never seem clean enough! This looks like a great vacuum for families!!

Susan Von Achen said...

Price is right and I do need a new vacuum. Thanks for sharing the info.

Anonymous said...

i have one of these- bought it at cosco online- its the best!

Paul Alfrey said...

I like robot vacuum cleaner

Alice Miaw said...

Looks nice vacuum but I like hendle vacuums which can be used for room, stair and car.

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